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Review by unhappyme See Profile

  • Location: Encinitas,San Diego,CA
  • Business customer Business customer
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My experience with Toast.net was poor in almost every way. The MIFI I purchased, was intended to keep me connected when out and about in the community.When it arrived, I was out of town and did not even start using it until their guarantee was almost over. It literally worked, away from my home, ONE TIME. My first communication with Toast tec support told me one way to hook it up. When it did not work, the 2nd tec support gave me a totally different way, saying the first guy, was completely wrong, and that's why the device was not working. I tried his way, When I was experimenting with the devise at my house and it did work, it slowed my IPAD to a snails crawl.. the next I heard from their email notification, that I was going to exceed the limit of the package I bought. I never even worked for my intended use, ever. I have never written a bad review and posted it, before this. However ,they were all about the money, customer satisfaction meant nothing. They basically offer to return my shipping and handling $25.00. $150.00 down the tubes. Don't wast your money or valuable time working with an unfair, unreasonable company, that does not value you or you monthly ongoing business. Here today, gone tomorrow, with business practices like that.

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Fremont, OH
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To be fair; it is NOT Toast.net's fault that you were out of town for the entire period of your return period. You should not have ordered it knowing it would arrive while you were away. That is not their fault and any other company would tell you that.

Also it's not hard to hook those things up. There are not cords attached expect the power. And to bring your iPad to a crawl? That is generally the iPad performance when compared to other products; if you read the reviews. So please base your review over the actual product and not that you were out of town; nor the fact that their service would not bring your iPad to a crawl since it does not depend on the Internet to function.