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Review by gbh2o See Profile

  • Location: Longs,Horry,SC
  • Cost: $12 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "STILL Reliable, redundant, high quality service and VALUE!"
Bad "STILL doesn't let me set outgoing CID on-the-fly! ;-) But CheapVoipInc lets me!"
Overall "STILL more reliable than many Big-Name residential VoIP providers"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

20141027 - UPDATE - See below! It all still applies. Please note that they're one of the good-guys that will continue to survive because they offer great service and reliable value.

20140828 - UPDATE - See comments below since they still apply. In fact, I am moving more DIDs to F9. Something that is increasingly very important to me is the ability in my account to easily specify simultaneous destinations and/or a series of destinations in the ring sequence priority I choose. That is a feature not available, or readily avalaible, with many of the other providers monitored here at DSL Reports. It is a _no-extra-charge_ feature included in the Future-Nine scheme of good things. And it works well! I use F9's White or Premium routes to ensure reliable, quality termination. Have I mentioned GREAT VALUE?

20140215 - UPDATE - FutureNine remaines one of my most reliable providers. CheapVoipInc is also reliable and works well for me to most of the U.S.A., east of the Rockies.

20130327 - UPDATE - Future Nine is still providing _reliable_ services at reasonable (great VALUE) prices. And CheapVoipInc is a home-run for those of us that run our own PBX systems.

20121117 UPDATE - A real pleasure to use. And with the new spin-off CheapVoipInc, my above 'Bad' comment doesn't even apply! Wow, what _VALUE_! [And still one of my most _reliable_ VoSPs]

20120522 UPDATE - Nothing new to report except continued reliability for peanuts in cost.

20111209 UPDATE - Multiple accounts just chugging along, daily providing me (and mine) solid service and value.

20110604 - STILL one of my MOST RELIABLE providers of high voice quality service. A great value VoSP!

20110131 - The service, reliability and value is still great! I think one very nice. and important feature, is the ability to set multiple prioritized destinations (SIP and PSTN) for each DID (inbound phone number). It provides a solid fail-over progression no matter what mistakes I make on my systems!


20101112 - Multiple accounts working just fine. Still impressing my very persnickety Mother.

20100221 - I believe that Future-Nine is THE best value, full-service, residential VoSP available to the home user today. I caveat that with the dreadful assumption that the user has done proper due diligence, and has basic understanding of what to expect with VoIP services.. I base that opinion on the reliability of the network, and the overall cost structure offered. F9 passes the test with flying colors for my 90 year old Mother who says the call quality is great! And, that is not the case with all of my other providers, so she has a dedicated F9 account now.

20091101 - It is hard to imagine that this 'small' company is actually one of my most reliable VoSPs, but it is! Nitzan Kon continues his methodical build out of his service, carefully implementing well-planned features. Everything seems oriented to enhancing reliability first, while continuing to improve services available. There is absolutely nothing 'cheap' about Future-Nine, but there sure is some of the best value for the money with this company!


How do I describe the services I receive from Future-Nine (I'll use F9 for short)? GREAT! I use F9 services a little differently than the way most subscribers do. I am an asterisk user and therefore tend to require somewhat different features from the typical user looking for plug-it-in-and-forget-it residential services. I am also a left-over beta tester, who was impressed with the quality and commitment to service, that I stayed on (perhaps somewhat as a thorn in Nitzan's hide ?!). Their stated intent is to serve the single family, residential market, and their products are tailored to that end.

F9 is also a great source of good quality DIDs for most parts of the country ( I don't have any experience with F9 international numbers). Most U.S.A. DIDs come with at least 3000 inbound minutes included which can make them a bargain for heavier users. In country outbound service at only $.01/minute also makes them a bargain, as long as you do not need to set your own CID by the call. Unfortunately, F9 does not meet _my_ requirements there, so I basically can only use F9 outbound for my own home extensions! For the _vast majority_ of people, this should not be a problem!

I disagree with F9 advertising as being a "Cheap VoIP Provider", although much of that has to do with differing connotations of the word 'cheap' around the world. Nitzan Kon has proven to be anything but cheap in his careful build-out of his system to provide _reliable_, _quality_ services economically! He has carefully built a geographically distributed network of servers to provide both excellent response times as well as redundancy of hardware and isolation from disruption at a single physical location. He continually is developing upgraded features to further enhance the _value_ of his services for his customers.

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