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Six Month Rating

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Review by kumar.chheda

  • Location: Columbus,Franklin,OH
  • Cost: $15 per month
Good "Awesome service, value for money, great up time, call clarity and low rates"
Bad "None for me"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I have been using Future Nine for over five years now (Pay as you go plan) and have had no downtimes. The service is reliable and exactly what is promised. The installation was done by myself and one has to be slightly tech savvy to debug in case of issues but I basically followed the instructions on their website.

I manage three accounts for myself and our family members and all are equally pleased with this service!

Tech support is basic but exactly what I want - dont need a company to run expensive call centers and charge additional money for this. The times when I've needed support, I've been able to email them and had good response times and been able to solve the query in 1 or 2 emails.

The rates are awesome and the call clarity, etc is also quite high! Overall super supporter and will any day recommend this to my friends as I've already done several times!

I would never go to the cable company or any of the larger phone companies because of exactly this - the flexibility of their PAYG plan and the freedom to use the service exactly as I want! Thanks F9!

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