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Six Month Rating

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Review by pandora See Profile

  • Location: Outland
  • Cost: $1 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Easy setup, high quality voice, fax may be supported, no monthly fees for Ooma Core"
Bad "Business model potentially unstable"
Overall "A great easy to set up VOIP service with high quality sound"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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11th update: Ooma is still working at no monthly cost to me. 5 units, $0 per month.
10th Update: I need to update this review every 180 days to keep it current. Ooma is still working well for me. Still no fees, and very reliable service.
9th Update: Hard to believe it's been 180 days, but it's time for my 9th Ooma review. It's still working just fine, I have 6 units, and pay $0 per month. I still love Ooma.
8th Update: Ooma continues to charge me $0 per month and provide great service. So far so good.
7th Update: Ooma continues to be a fantastic service and I've never been forced to pay a penny after buying the ATA. Kudos Ooma.
6th Update: I'm doing an update every 6 months as I believe it's required for my review to count in the VOIP GBU. Ooma is still working great and as advertised. I'm still a very satisfied customer.

5th update: Ooma still provides me with free phone service that is of high quality and with no monthly fees. I'm still a happy customer after all these years. Thanks Ooma.

4th update: Well it's been a while with Ooma, I update about every 6 months. So far so good. No major problems, voice quality still great. I'm still a happy camper. My only concern is that Ooma could go out of business. Ooma has created a bunch of plans, newer Telo users will now pay $3-$4 per month. It isn't quite the great deal an Ooma Core system was. At least Ooma charging new customers for taxes and fees should help with corporate viability.

3rd Update: Ooma has changed their TOS for new Telo users. As an older Ooma Hub user I'm grandfathered in on the old terms. I have been using Ooma for some time now and am still a very satisfied customer.

2nd Update: I've now gone entirely off AT&T and to Ooma for landlines. The sound quality with Ooma is comparable to my old POTS lines. So far Ooma has delivered what it promised without any grief. I'm a 100% satisfied customer at this time. My only concern would be for the Ooma financial model. With 2 Ooma hubs, I currently have 3 lines supported by Ooma and have had no significant problems.

Update: It has been a few months since I installed Ooma and ported one of my phone numbers to it. Reliability has been great, and sound quality even better. When my internet connection was severely degraded, Ooma sound quality was first rate.

I mostly post about Ooma now on the Ooma forums. Support has improved. It used to take 15 or so minutes to get a live (American) at the Ooma support line, now it takes just a couple of minutes (or less). There is little need to call support as voice quality and reliability have been first rate.

Of late good deals on Ooma core systems have been harder to find, it seems to be a very popular product. I recommend Ooma to my friends.

Initial review: I read reviews on Amazon, and it seemed as if Ooma was providing a great service. When the price went from $219 to $200, I decided to give it a try. Amazon has a great 30 day return policy, if Ooma wasn't good, it would be easy to return.

Setup was easy, within 5 minutes it was unboxed and connected to my network (behind my router). Activation on the website was a breeze, and I had a functioning local telephone number within two minutes of completing the online form.

There was no credit card or social security number required to activate service. I did have to provide a street address for the E911 feature.

Within 2 minutes of completing the form, my Ooma went from having it's indicator tab glow red (meaning something is wrong) to blue (meaning it is ready to make a call). Since that time, my Ooma hub has been doing a wonderful job.

The Ooma core consists of a hub and scout. The hub does most of the work, the scout helps add support features which seem to mostly require the $99 per year premium service. I don't use the scout.

I've been able to send and receive faxes of up to 8 pages via my Ooma hub. There have been no fax problems.

Voice quality is exceptional for a VOIP service, it is almost as good as a land line.

The only drawback is there is no fallover to an alternate phone number in the event of an internet failure. Thus if my Ooma link goes down, there is no way to have Ooma call forward to my cell phone.

Ooma support has been helpful. They provide an 800 number, and Americans answer the phone. Wait time has varied between 6 and 15 minutes. Twice I've received a busy when calling support, and called later without a problem.

The business model of giving free domestic calling (up to 3,000 outgoing minutes per month) with no fee may not be stable. Time will tell. Until then, Ooma is a fantastic device and provides very good service.

Recently I added a second Ooma hub to my home network. It can make calls with no problem, both Ooma hubs work fine behind my router.

Each hub is assigned a static LAN IP via static DHCP, similarly they are assigned highest QOS priority via their MAC. So far, so good.

The second Ooma hub activated without any problem, it was as problem free as the first. Activation seems to take only 2-3 minutes.

Edited to add my recent experiences with Ooma support have been outstanding. I've increased my rating of Ooma.

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Nashville, TN

you pay taxes and fees, so its not free.

You pay TAXES and FEES every month on those 6 ooma's. so not really "free".....

Re: you pay taxes and fees, so its not free.

said by compuguybna:

You pay TAXES and FEES every month on those 6 ooma's. so not really "free".....

No, you may pay those fees, I don't. Older Ooma users pay absolutely nothing per month. On this forum, for well over two years I encouraged users to buy the service when there was no fee, and was told Ooma would be out of business in less than a year. I update my review of Ooma every 6 months (required to keep it current with DSLREPORTS so it counts in the Good, the bad and the ugly).

So for nearly 5 years, I've paid nothing for Ooma, not a cent, on 6 lines for myself, but nearly 40 lines for extended family and friends.

It's unfortunate you didn't order an Ooma when they had no monthly fees, if you had, you'd be grandfathered and be paying absolutely nothing.

In response to your statement, about me specifically, it is incorrect. I actually pay nothing, nada, zip, $0.
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