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Review by jacobslive See Profile

  • Location: Toms River,Ocean,NJ
  • Cost: $23 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Call quality, Fax/Alarm Compatible, good to call within US"
Bad "Rip-off premium services, False second line claim with premium service"
Overall "Highly recommended for those who wants to call ONLY in US, others forget it"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

First impression: WOW, then WTF?
Well I can say for sure that Ooma is the best choice for those who wants to call ONLY within US. All others including those wans to call Canada and looking to save money, look for alternatives.

Monthly charges:

Calls within US only: $3.50 (approx.)

International Calls:
$10.00 for Premium Service
$10.00 for 1000 International Minutes

Total Cost: $23.50 per month for 1000 international minutes and unlimited US calls. Remember you are paying this amount every month after you bought a premium priced device.

Mobile Application: Rip-off
You pay $10.00 for the application and pay another $10.00 every month to use this application effectively with only 250 minutes US calls over 3G or WiFi.

Call charges outside US without premium service: Total Rip-off.

Second Line with Premium service: Their claim is misleading. You get a virtual second line with capability of having a conference with upto 3 people including you. I have been a PhonePower customer for more than 2 years and they provide dedicated 2nd line with the same DID. You can make conference call with upto 5 people with 2 physical lines.

If you use fax and/or wants to connect your VOIP line to alarm systems, Ooma is the only reliable choice after PhonePower. So yes, I am keeping Ooma as these are my priorities and I have another SIP provider to make international calls around the wold for less than a penny per minute and FREE to some destinations.

I will recommend Ooma for only those wants to make calls within US and/or wants to use it with your fax machine/alarm system. All others, if you do a little bit of maths, you know that you have wide VOIP options around the corner than Ooma.

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