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Review by tmc8080 See Profile

  • Location: Brooklyn,Kings,NY
  • Cost: $4 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Great to get away from telco & cableco voip!"
Bad "Rare downtime, ISPs tweaking net neutrality sucks"
Overall "Phone service for $3.75. - $3.81 +$10 for premier features. "
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I paid $184 (2012) and got a $50 rebate, so net price was $144! Even with premier of $100 a year, I'm saving about $21 a month over FIOS voip and would have spent $16 more than Optimum Voice. The ooma Service went down once in the first 4 months and not for long (1/2 hour). I have a cell phone as backup and that's all I need.

Why pay more with other telecoms or 3rd party voip companies?

Sure, you might get a better upfront deal with a MagicJack, but long-term, Ooma is the better value and reliable service. Ooma pays for itself in as little as 6-12 months. As of this review I've saved $85 on voip by cancelling Verizon Fios triple play and subscribing to Optimum Boost 50/8 for $44.90 a month (if I include video cancellation, it's a net savings of $40 a month)

The Ooma forum is very good first line support and circumvents the need for many customer service calls.

As long as my Ooma telo holds out... I'm a happy camper.

Update: I've had the Ooma for 2 years.. and recently (February, 2014) I think Verizon's been messing with their customers because there was some bad voip quality during the month of February. In a few weeks it cleared, but I was annoyed. During the same time I had limited ability to stream video. Maybe I should have called Verizon also to complain but I was too busy working. I still think Ooma is a good deal & the equipment has gotten cheaper. You can buy NEW units for $149 and often you might find deals as low as $99 for a new one. Maybe Ooma will make a newer VOIP box soon. This current one seems outdated by current technology standards. Ooma also has a referral program where you will get Amazon gift cards as a reward. That puts Ooma well below other VOIP services based on cost alone.


My Ooma telo is still going strong. They still haven't fixed the issue with being able to intercept calls that go to voicemail (ugh). Otherwise, I'm satisfied with the svc.

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