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  • Location: Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH
  • Cost: $13 per month
Good "Great voice quality, Premier Service offers a lot of value, Love it!"
Bad "Nothing Really"
Overall "Great Value even with Premier Service"
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·Time Warner Cable
I purchased my Ooma Telo from Woot (now owned by Amazon) as a refurbished unit for $99.00. Still has a one year warranty. At the time I was paying Time Warner $30 a month for our home phone and $34 a month for a second line for home office. The Time Warner monthly bill with cable and Internet went from about $120 a month to $250 in just four years for the same Cable TV, Internet, and Phone. So I was looking to cut what I was spending.

So I connected the Ooma. Took about 15 minutes max to install and get it up and running by registering it on the Ooma website. After a few days of testing call quality, I submitted my porting order to port the home number to Ooma. Took Ooma only 8 days to get the port from Time Warner.

Now I have to tell you that my wife always liked retrieving voice mails using a "box" of some sort. She never like having to retrieve her voice mails using the phone. Why, I don't know and cannot figure it out. Anyway, with the Ooma box she has her "box" that she can press a button and listen to her voice mails. You can still retrieve voice messages using a phone and they will also be emailed to you as an mp3 file. I like that.

Now what I really list is how Ooma can filter out SPAM phone calls. They have a built-in community blacklist of telemarketers and the like. You can check the box on the Ooma website to use this AND you can specify what you want to do with those calls. You can send them to voice mail, just let the phone ring and never answer...or, and this is really great, you can have Ooma play the caller a "phone disconnected" message...gotta love that one.

AND, you can also have your own blacklist if the spamming caller is not on the Ooma, community list, you can add it yourself to your own list.

The Premier Service adds things like a free second number, and second line if you have a $59 Ooma phone that will pair with the Ooma Telo. BTW, you can have up to four Ooma phones/wireless jacks that pair with the Telo and this is with standard or Premier. You can even add more numbers for an extra charge beyond the two.

Premier also adds free calling to Canada (not important to me), three-way conferencing, caller name along with the phone number on caller ID, Community Blacklist and Personal Blacklist (forgot that this is only with Premier, which is worth the $9.95 a month extra just for this feature), call screening (you can listen to the caller leaving a voice mail and if it is someone you want to talk to, you can just pick up the phone and talk), a back-up number (if your Internet connection goes out, Ooma will forward your calls to another number like your cell phone, and more features that you can discover by going to the Ooma website.

I think it is still pretty important to have a phone at home. I know most people are just relying on cell phones now, but I hate chasing around for one cell phone at the house and the connection is not always reliable in the home.

So for under $14 a month, I have a really robust phone system now. If you really want just a basic no frills phone, then fore go the Premier Service for just basic calling and pay the 911 fees and taxes which are usually under $4 a month.

Personally, I think the Premier Service is more than worth and make Ooma a real nice home communication tool.

Oh, and it will integrate with Google Voice. So I just ordered another Ooma Telo for my home office. This time instead of porting that number to Ooma, I first ported it to T-Mobile (you have to do this since Google cannot port from anyone but a mobile carrier), then port to Google Voice. Then Google Voice can integrate with Ooma.

...and one more thing. My home Ooma Telo is connected wireless to the router. You can buy a wireless device for $49 that plugs into the back of the Telo. That way the Telo can be located anywhere in the house.

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