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Review by nunya See Profile

  • Location: O Fallon,Saint Charles,MO
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $16 per month
Good "Easy account setup. Everything"
Bad "None at this time"
Overall "I like it so far"
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After having continuous (hourly) problems with my Vitelity outbound trunks, I decided to do something proactive. (Vitelity has decided to sell, but no longer support IAX2)

I posted in the VoIP forum for some opinions on providers who support IAX2. I use Asterisk, and do not care for SIP on the WAN side (for a variety of reasons I'll not go in to). was one of the mentioned. After visiting their site and creating a free account (to ensure system registration), I dropped the $25 for a PAYGO credit.

At this time, I only use for outbound trunks. Who knows? I may port over my DIDs in the future.

The only drawback I've had is an "international service" fee of $.75 from VISA because the payment is to Canada. I think this is a VISA issue and not a

issue. It would be cool if they could set something up to circumvent this though. It seems like they might have an office in Texas.

*Update 10/10*

I have started porting DIDs to While a little on the pricey side ($25 per DID), I found it necessary to get off of Vitelity (ironically, uses Vitelity for some of their services). Vitelity has abandoned the IAX2 protocol. has continued to embrace IAX2, so I will stick with them. I still don't want to mess with SIP outside my firewall.

*Update 4/11*

I've moved all of my DID's to I haven't had any service problems. I wish would offer the vFax service.

*Update 6/11* I added some more DID's to Continuing to enjoy the service.

*Update 01/14* Still with Continue to recommend them to my customers.

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Montreal, QC


I pay with Visa through PayPal, no hidden fee!