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Review by jobr See Profile

  • Location: Halifax,NS
  • Cost: $4 per month
Good "highly configurable, competitive rates, competent tech support, very good audio quality"
Bad "nothing that I can think of"
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Call Quality:
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I've been a very happy user of voip.ms for a few months now.

When I first signed up, I was thinking about running my own instance of Asterisk, but realized that with all the options they offer, I don't need to, so I'm just using a Linksys PAP2 adapter.

Their rates are very good - around 1 cent/minute to North America and western Europe. And they allow free calls to arbitrary SIP URIs, so if your friends have accounts either with voip.ms or another provider that allows inbound SIP calls, you can call them for free.

The one issue I've had was that some calls to Sweden failed, but I put in a support ticket and after they changed the call routing, everything's been working fine.

Update: I've been using voip.ms for my main phone line for about five months now, and everything has been working flawlessly. With the low cost and all the nice features, I really can't see myself going back to POTS.

And as for reliability, last month my apartment building lost phone service after a storm. My internet connection still worked, so for a few days I was the only one in the building with a working phone.

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