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Review by N9MD See Profile

  • Location: Boca Raton,Palm Beach,FL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Awesome feature set, totally stable service"
Bad "Er-r-r-r-r-r-r ... I can't think of any."
Overall "Value for money should be rated 150%"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·CIKTEL Telecom
In the face of a recent unwarranted overly negative review (reliability, tech support, value), reflecting sour grapes over Voip.ms's failure to implement a single specific feature (which apparently was promised for 2013), I wish to reinforce my strongly positive opinion of all aspects of Voip.ms's product and service ... since I (and many others, I'm sure) have absolutely no need for the anticipated feature.

The logic and reasoning applied to the reviewer's poor 'grades' seems to reflect more of an attempt at retribution rather than a legitimate review.

We having been using Voip.ms for some time now as the primary household number in our New Jersey residence. There have been no problems whatsoever. The feature set continues to amaze me ... especially selective call blocking, SMS, uploading personalized recordings which can be assigned to answer specific incoming individual or blocks of CallerIDs. And the savings over our long ago Landline with Verizon basic service have proven to be well worth the switch to VoIP in general.

UPDATE: I must be lucky. I've had no problems in my server selections ... while the service and feature set continues to be awesome. The recent addition of SMS texting capability is greatly appreciated and works well.

UPDATE: Continues to supply me with awesome VoIP service, features and support ... not to mention very reasonable PAYG pricing..


UPDATE: No changes to add to my previous raving reports for this awesome VoIP offering. Feature-wise, it appears to top the list of all of the VoIP providers we discuss in the BBR Forums ... but only by a tiny fraction over my other favorite ... too small a degree to differentiate in my 100% ratings for both.


Update: Voip.ms continues to be one of my favorite and steadfast providers in all aspects ... but most awesome is their Feature Set. Two examples:
(1) adding PhoneBook entries is pure simplicity;
(2) adding to the BlackList (otherwise known as CallerID Filtering or Call Blocking) ... using wild cards if necessary ... is also an easy task.

The website aIlows customers to post suggestions for improving features and functionality ... and Voip.ms listens!

End of year update: Value for money continues to be incredible with my PAYG accounts. Quality, Reliability and Support are top notch as well. Web portal changes within the past year have greatly improved navigation among the various settings and options, especially once one gains some familiarity through experimentation. The Feature Set offerings, in my opinion, are not exceeded by any other competitor in the VoIP field ... and these features are what should make "Value for money" a 150% rating.

My original slight downgrade for "ease of installation" has been boosted ... considering the subsequent ease with which I was able to set up each new Voip.ms account on different PAP2T-NAs (at different locations). I realized that the PAP2 settings are the same as I would use with most other providers ... it was the confusion over selecting the correct server site on the server side and in the PAP2 ... and the concept of "sub-accounts" that engendered my initial dismay.

For users with low to moderate monthly minutes, the PAYG plan combined with the other factors noted above makes Voip.ms an excellent choice, paying very low per minute charges for incoming (1�/min or 1.49�/min) and outgoing (1.05�/min) calls ... plus 99� or $1.49 per month ... with optional E911 for $1.50 per month. They offer a so-called "unlimited" (capped at 3500 minutes) monthly plan for incoming calls at $4.95 or $6.95 per month ... but outgoing calls are still charged by the minute.

Clarification: The two prices shown for per minute (incoming) and monthly charges depends on the rate center selected (AreaCode/Exchange).

Caveat: If one ports in a number, the per minute and monthly fees may be set at the higher rate shown above. (A message to Customer Service will most likely get the per minute charges reset to the lower rate.)

With the recent changes (all for the better) in the web portal, I've got to boost my web-site rating.

For a relative newcomer (them not me), Voip.ms has raced to the top in service, reliability, features ... and amazing value. Their PAYG plan is very, very reasonable (cheap!) They don't surprise you with add-on charges, fees, taxes. They have an awesome selection of "pick your own" phone numbers in an easy to search format.

I have found the Call Quality and Reliability and Tech Support to be outstanding. Aside from the superb value, I am so impressed with their features ... especially the CallForwarding, BlackListing, DISA, and other "manipulations" they allow for dealing with incoming and outgoing calls.

The only downside is the totally confusing Web Site. It takes me 10 to 20 minutes at times to make a simple change in my account/subaccount because of the absence of an intuitive setup for their scores of options. I have to go through a bunch of pages just to find out which SIP proxy I am using for my PAP2 ... or to make a simple call forwarding change. One has to add a new potential CallForwarding number on one page and then find the correct page to activate the forwarding. I'd like to see them fix this.

Incidentally, confusion over the SIP-proxy and the use of subaccounts can cause frustration when trying to register an ATA. Support quickly gave me the answers to my problem ... but a more intuitively designed site would have been appreciated.

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