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Review by EUS See Profile

  • Location: Montreal,QC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Great web page, many free options, cheap, good audio"
Bad "Slow, slow tech support."
Overall "Should have dumped pots sooner"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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2 yrs later, adjusted call quality down, these guys need to get theirs servers in order.

Still cannot beat the price.

One year later, I'm still satisfied.

In Dec 2009 I tried out, I had no experience with voip. After changing to cable from dsl for my internet in Sept 2009, paying $45/mth to the local telco made no sense to me anymore. I always had pots in fear of retribution towards my dsl connection from the telco if I dropped it. I know, nuts.

So I bought a pap2t device to run my normal analog home phone, opened an account on, prepaid $25 to, and started to make calls. Then I activated a temp inbound number from to test incoming calls. I chose the value routing ($0.005/min for outbound calls in Canada).

Honestly, I cannot tell the difference in terms of audio between this voip, and my pots service.

After I satisfied myself on the service, and quality, I ported my home # over to Although they advertise the move can take a few weeks, mine was done within 5 days.

So far my $25 prepayment has lasted since the 1st week of Dec., and as of today I have a balance of ~$3.50 left. This is including a recurring $1.50/mth charge to have my home # active.

My home server runs 24/7/365 (less power outages), therefor my internet is always on. Since I have a wireless handset, if the power goes out, I have no phone on voip, or pots, so I have no concern there.

The amount of free options on their website is too much to talk about here, but I've entered telemarketing phone numbers to a filter that drops the call before it reaches my home. Wonderful. There are also voice mail options forward voice mails to me by email, but since my phone has voice mail included already, I have not taken advantage of this service.

The problem I face is now I want to get another computer and start to mess around with pbx setup.

Cost savings after almost 4 months ~ $200.

I cannot see ever going back to you Bell, shame on you for pillaging those that do not know better.

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