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Six Month Rating

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Review by koreyb See Profile

  • Location: Etobicoke,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Customer Service has been good, fairly easy to work with. Pay for what you need! Outgoing Calls are VERY VERY CLEAR!"
Bad "Support done via tickets or online chat only. NO FLAT RATE PACKAGE Support isn't available on Sundays."
Overall "Not too bad! Has all the features you would ever need! PAY ONLY FOR WHAT YOU NEED!"
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Call Quality:
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I have had the service for a month.. So far things have been not bad!

Incoming DID issues from the start:

I've ported my number over from Primus and from day one I've experienced issues where audio on incoming calls has had blips and drop outs on the far end of the call (what the caller hears) After almost 4 weeks, the problem seems to be with the Montreal and Toronto POP's. As a temp fix, I'm using Chicago's server, which has improved things greatly. I have tested Chicago and Seattle in the past, but they must have fixed something on those servers as well because it seems to be clearer than it was before on those servers. It seems there's a few customers with this issue, so hopefully it's fixed soon.

Outgoing calls have been flawless from day one on any server.. Very happy where. Very clear, very crisp. How it should be!

I run my own asterisk box,(PBX IN A FLASH) and it works perfectly! But can be setup very simply with a SIP phone or adaptor. I like the ability to control every aspect and assign everyone their own extension and vmail. (I know GEEKY)

I would not recommend this service for someone who does not have a geek in their life or is comfortable with setting stuff up themselves. It's really a DIY type service. But the cost savings are great. We only spent 10 dollars last month, and that included the 5 dollar unlimited DID FEE! We use the phone a lot too!

Update Aug 19 2010:

The DID issue still has not been corrected.. Support says they have to replace the Toronto server with a new one, in hopes to fix things for the few users who have came forward. Most users are likely unaware of the issue as it only effects audio on the callers end from outside the voip.ms network. This is likely why things are going so slow on the replacement.

Using Chicago's DID seems to for the most part correct the issue, but due to long distances and many hops between Toronto and Chicago, at times of the day, the line gets dicey on both directions on incoming calls.

Outgoing has never been an issue.

If this new server is installed, and the issues are not corrected, I will have no choice but to move my did away from them and use someone else. I also use freephoneline for a 2nd did number and have no issues. It's sad when you pay a monthly fee and have issues, where something that is free you don't.

Nov 8 2010

Just an update that the team at VOIP.ms has got their issues figured out.. It would seem the Main Toronto and Montreal servers where overloaded.. They added a 2nd server, and it seems to have corrected the issues..

Hopefully it stays this way... It's been solid since the install of the new servers.


Once all the issue where resolved, it's been really good.. I have no real issues with this company.. Only wish they had some flat rate packages... but they are solid, and seems to work for my needs!

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