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Review by Roop See Profile

  • Location: Ottawa,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Good website, price, service"
Bad "no ATA config scripts, poor tech support."
Overall "A bit of manual config required but seems to be great service"
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If only cable tv and internet service providers has a signup page like voip.ms, things would be different. infact, i'd love it if healthcare dental and the government in general were like this:

you can opt-out of almost anything, chose between value or premium for the things you want and even decide if you want flat billing or per minute. all this choice means to sign up the first time you may need to spend an hour understanding all the options you have but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

the choices and flexibility could be a hindrance for a non-technical person: i know my way around my ATA. some people may never have logged into it before. I used generic instructions not specific to my ATA and got it to work. voip.ms should add config scripts or at least specific instructions for any ATA with screenshots. My previous voip provider (CIA/3web) had a script you could run on the ATA to get all settings by clicking a link. I don't need that but my parents could use it (for now i'll setup theirs manually).

Given their feature request page's contents (and the fact there is a feature request page) means this company is going to tailor to their customers and with their options plus pricing, they are likely to dominate the market.

Tech support didn't clearly read the email I sent about an issue I am having. After a few emails they have not provided an answer.

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