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Review by bjlockie See Profile

  • Location: Ottawa, DSL
  • Cost: $9 per month
Good "very inexpensive"
Bad "$25 minimum deposit, no phone support"
Overall "good if you've decided on VoIP but not recommended to just try"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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·TekSavvy DSL
There is a refund of the unused balance of your first deposit but I think the minimum deposit of $25 is a lot to pony up if you're just trying VoIP.

I tried another company out ($5 minimum deposit) and then switched to voip.ms once I decided on VoIP as a technology.

I will quote crazyk4952 since he makes a good point:
"When I first started with voip.ms, I too was concerned about the minimum payment of $25 to start an account. However, I would rather have a higher minimum payment amount than have higher rates.

Per-transaction fees for smaller transactions can really add up and makes up a significant percentage of the total transaction amount (the less $$ going to the greedy banks, the better). Most people choose voip for cost savings; voip.ms seems to implement policies that help to achieve this.".

They are very inexpensive.

I love they have many servers.
They seem to have a lot of problems with at least one at any time so it is good you can change servers whenever you need to.
I wonder if they only had one or two servers if they'd be more concerned with uptime.

They only have one example configuration but any device is easy to set up.

The initial account setup is done online so that is good.

They do not have 24x7 customer support but they have network support 24x7.
Also urgent customer tickets will be taken care of 24x7.

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