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Review by kvnpark See Profile

  • Location: North York,ON
  • Cost: $5 per month (month by month)
Good "Cheap, easy, reliable, customizable, good support, many features"
Bad "None"
Overall "Glad to be a voip.ms customer"
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Call Quality:
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UPDATE (2013-07-24)
Have had zero problems since the last review. Very happy.

UPDATE (2012-02-04)
Have had zero problems since the last review. Very happy.

*****OLD REVIEW*****
- Bought PAP2T-NA and set it up (from Mango's instructions here: »www.toao.net/25-linksys-ata-conf ··· guration). Thank you Mango.
- Changed some settings in the voip.ms control panel (their main website may be ugly but the user control panel is quite nice).
- Then it worked!
- I had Primus home phone and ported that number to voip.ms. I got a little worried because Primus service didn't get cut right away after the port, but apparently it just takes a few days (within a week). During that time, I could receive calls to my new voip and call from it AND call from my Primus phone (but not receive obviously). Just putting that experience out there so others who go through the same thing don't worry.

I switched around servers and found Toronto2 to be unreliable sometimes. I'm using Chicago now and no problems since then.

This is my first voip experience and it did take some learning to figure things out especially with setting up the ATA. But it was all worth it.

Very happy to reduce my phone bill!

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