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Review by wcweaver See Profile

  • Location: Fort Myers,Lee,FL
  • Cost: $8 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Fairly good service (sometimes sporadic) at reasonable price"
Bad "Too Many Sporadic Server Problems and intermittent voice quality issues"
Overall "Would advise anyone anyone seeking VOIP to shop around"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

VOIP.MS seems to be a company that delivers reasonable but sporadic quality with frequent server problems.

I now use VOIP.MS service only for inbound calls. I use Anveo and Call with Us for outbound calls as they seem to be more reliable than VOIP.MS. I have switched my DID to Callcentric for inbound calls and the port of my DID phone number went smoothly..

Updated 06/30/12

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We´d like to help


We currently have no reports of ongoing issues related to any carrier (incoming or outgoing)

I would appreciate if you could please send me your ticket via PM and I will gladly take a look and make sure if everything is being handled/explained correctly

Thank you again, have a good day

P.S: I would also like to add that I was able to find your VoIP.ms account and I could not find any ongoing tickets where you report issues of this nature. The newest ticket is 23 days old and it was completely unrelated (Caller ID, and it was solved in live chat). Please let me know if there is an existing ticket for the issues you report, if not please open one so we can actually have a chance to investigate and solve the alleged issues you report. Thank you

Peter Sahui - VoIP.ms
Joe Bftzklk


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Some People Have Bad Luck

It is like they are under a raincloud all the time. I knew of a family that was accident-prone; one poor guy in it was strangled as he slept by his pet snake.

Others have problems with 'things'. The things are always mal-functioning. wcweaver has had problems with voip.ms, future9, comcast, and embarq; he will have problems with any company he signs up with; he will have problems with whatever ATA he uses; I bet he has problems with his toaster.

I sympathize with him because we all share in these problems to some degree. I know I do.

Fort Myers, FL

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Re: Some People Have Bad Luck

I think you are being a little ridiculous and offensive in your reply. I have had server problems and have had to move from server to server with Voip.MS to solve voice quality or dialing problems. I never opened a ticket. I have read posts where others have had the same problem.

I had problems with Future 9 and Nitzan admitted he was having problems at that time and evryone was blaming my PAP2Ts. I had signed up two other people with Future 9. They finally gave up as as the ports were never completed correctly I gave up and went to VOIP.MS. It turns out that Nitzan sold me counterfeit PAP2Ts which were the main problem and he refunded my money. I got a real PAP2T from Amazon and the problems with VOIP.MS still occurred. So I recently purchased a Gigaset C610A IP phone and still had problems with VOIP.MS servers and voice quality. So I switched my outbound calls to ANVEO and still use VOIP.MS for inbound calls.

The ANVEO outbound calls are crystal clear to the person I am calling but I am still having issues on the inbound calls routed through VOIP.MS. I am getting a temporary inbound number from ANVEO and will test that to see what happens. I can switch back and forth with a few mouse clicks. If the ANVEO inbound works out I will port my number to them and leave VOIP.MS.

I never had problems with Comcast. My review was positive except for cost. Istill have Comcat and get over 20 mbs down an over 3 mbs up for the same price.

I rated Embarq poorly because of the $40 cost for just a POTS dial tone and the fact that they could not deliver DSL speeds faster than 512 kbs and yet they advertised 1.5 mbs. They still to this day cannot deliver speeds faster than 768kbs and yet they still advertise 1.5 which is pretty pathetic in this day and age. I do not live in a rural area but surrounds by large subdivision of over a millin dollars for a house.

I have been in the computer consulting, repair and sale business for over twenty years. I am very technical savy and am self taught.

So I take offense at your comment "he will have problems with any company he signs up with; he will have problems with whatever ATA he uses; I bet he has problems with his toaster.

Get the facts straight before you make this kind of post.

My review of VOIP.MS was not meant to be a criticism of VOIP.MS but just a reflection of my real time experience. I am sure there are many people who had nothing but positive experience with VOIP.MS.
What router are you using?

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Re: Some People Have Bad Luck

It is good to hear that you are very technical savvy and have been in business for 20 years. For the record, Joe didn't dispute this or insult your technical abilities; you were the one that brought this up. I don't think it was his intention to be offensive; he simply said you have bad luck. I wouldn't dispute this. It is certainly unfortunate that you have had continuous issues with multiple VoIP providers and multiple pieces of hardware.

With regards to your VoIP.ms issues, I notice you have moved from PoP to PoP to resolve your issues. I suggest you consider the possibility that your issues were "solved" due to coincidence. It's statistically improbable for VoIP.ms to have issues or your ISP to have routing issues with multiple PoPs at the same time, and to continue having issues requiring you to constantly switch PoPs. Certainly - if you've confirmed high jitter and ping to one single PoP, by all means use a different one. But if you've played "PoP Roulette" for a while and it's not permanently solving your problem, then you should troubleshoot in some other way, instead of doing the same thing that isn't providing a long term solution.

If you're still interested in troubleshooting, I suggest you take Peter up on his offer, or post in the forums. Everyone here wants everyone to have a positive VoIP experience and we'll do our best to help out any way we can


united state


Can you please elaborate?

I have been using them for a couple of years and I think they are a fine provider!


At the time I thought your issues were due to the adapters, but seeing that you continue to have problems with Voip.MS as well I have to wonder if it's not something else in your setup. Maybe your router?? what brand and model router are you using? are you using stock firmware or something like Tomato?

I guess you could try a 3rd provider (Anveo?) and see if the problems clear up. But if not then it's definitely not the adapters/IP phone and probably something else like router or modem. Both F9 and VMS are generally reliable for most people so it's really weird you'd be having so many problems with both.

Arne Bolen
Happy Anveo customer

Re: .

said by nitzan:

probably something else like router or modem.

I doubt that very much. Bill and I talk using the free-of-charge provider Gigaset.net and the audio quality is always perfect. Crystal clear sound and no issues at all. And we are on opposite sides of the Atlantic ocean.
Main provider: Anveo - Secondary providers: VoIP.ms, Callcentric, Localphone and Rebtel
Hosted PBX: PBXes.org - Phone: Gigaset S685IP