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Six Month Rating

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Review by amd64now See Profile

  • Location: Orleans,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Low prices, good support and call quality"
Bad "No option for unlimited outgoing local plan or unlimited outgoing north america"
Overall "This is your best BYOD choice for voip service"
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My Other Reviews

Update: Jan 2015

My service is still excellent. I do have one area in Newfoundland that has some CNAM delivery and call quality issues. However, most of the providers I tried does have the same issues. Everywhere else, quality is excellent.

Rates have been recently lowered. Saving more money with voip.ms

Update: 20 March 2014

I did leave voip.ms in Jan 2013 due to some issues with inbound calls such as busy signals and some of the issues with the servers.

However, I did return some phone numbers back to voip.ms over a month ago and I have to say I am extremely happy. The Toronto servers are very stable and I have no complaints with calls inbound or outbound.

Support is free with unlimited tickets and live-chat. Toll-free calls are free with value outbound. My Canadian outbound with premium is 0.01. There are a number of benefits to voip.ms and I think they are back to the levels of excellence I knew when I first joined them.

Update: 01 Aug 2012

voip.ms still remains one of the best Canadian voip providers. Still with them and still saving money.

Original review 2011:
I have used voip.ms for a few years for North America long distance purposes. I have been very happy with the quality. As they continued to provide great quality, low prices and support, I moved my home phone service completely to voip.ms after 16 years of Bell landline service.

As many previous reviewers indicated, they provide multiple points of presence giving you, the customer, the choice to pick the best quality connection from you to the server. I like to see the latency and trace route numbers to ensure I have a good connection to the server.

The support response from tickets and live chat has been excellent. I do like the fact they have live chat. This has been discussed on the forums here and I think it is great to raise an issue I might have in real time. You have the option to get a transcript on the end of the chat session. Ticket response has been always within 24 hours or less. I additionally love the fact voip.ms "lurks" around on these forums. Some have posted poor customer support and voip.ms representatives here deal with the issues immediately.

My only bad point if you can call it that. No option for unlimited outgoing. I think both pay as you go and unlimited offerings would give customers more options. Like a mortgage, some like variable some like fixed.

Overall, one of the best Canadian voip providers you will find for price value, support and call quality. I will be sure to keep my review updated.

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