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Review by DanTou See Profile

  • Location: Quebec,QC
  • Cost: $5 per month
Good "Extremely low cost; the most options available, and for free!"
Bad "Difficult to set-up for average person; no French on Web site (Montreal based company)."
Overall "Extremely recommended For anybody willing to spend a little time setting up."
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My Other Reviews

You can be overwhelmed figuring out what needs to be done to get VoIP.ms. You have to figure out what hardware to buy, and then how to set it up. Not that difficult but it takes a little bit of time to understand the terminology. Then, there is the huge list of things you can do with VoIP.ms (IVR, Call forwarding, phone book, ring groups, ...). It's not as easy as a regular phone company.

Once you get passed this initial set-up, and have a phone line working, the fun begins!

You can create menus, and greet your callers with the annoying "Press 1 to do this, 2 to do that, ..."

You can filter annoying calls. I transferred all calls from Bell to Vidéotron's customer service. No calls from Bell anymore!

You can override Caller Id when you call somewhere (Have fun on April fools days), but better yet, you can override caller id before transferring to your cell. You don't see who's calling, but if you have unlimited calls from one number (Telus has it for $7), you have unlimited incoming calls on your cell from anybody.

With call filtering, you can filter on your cell phone number and direct the call to DISA. This is an option to open a line from home to anywhere. This effectively gives you unlimited outgoing calls on your cell if you have the unlimited calls to one number option.

More fun? Combine call filtering with phone book and IVR: when you call home from your cell, you can direct the call to a menu, Press 1 to ring at home, 2, to leave voice mail, 3 for phone book, 4 for DISA. Option 3 is the best: if you take time to enter phone numbers for everybody you know and group them (1 for immediate family, 2 for extended family, 3 for friends, 4 for business, and then make sub-menus, you will never have to remember a phone number again. This would remove the annoying but necessary "Enter PIN number" with DISA, and having to enter the phone number of the person you want to call.

You can also use ring groups: when somebody calls home, it rings on your cell and at the office at the same time. The first line picked-up gets the call. When feeling lonely, you can make a group ring for many friends and family members: whoever runs fastest will get to talk to you!

I haven't gone through all the options, but you can create sub accounts, have multiple phone lines, 1-888 phone lines, ...

My total costs are about $5 per month, but the cell phone is now $8.15 a month: for unlimited incoming/outgoing calls.

Overall, very inexpensive, more options than I have ever seen anywhere included in the extremely low prince, but more difficult to set-up than the average phone company. But, for the price, try it! Get a kid to set-it up. When it works as you wish, cancel the regular phone line.

By the way, if you only plan to use VoIP.ms for it's options with a regular phone or a cell, you don't even need hardware: just forward everything on those phones.

For a while, I have used my cell as an ATA over 3G. Works well with all the vonage options. Only need a data plan (I use an option of prepaid plans with no minutes included). On top of having all voip.ms options on a cell for free, there is no long distance fees on data when you're out of town. The long distance fees for calling out of town are the ones from voip.ms. You do have to pay for data though: about 1/2MB per minute. You can see how to setup here: »what is the best to replace cell plan?

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