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Review by XR999 See Profile

  • Location: Ottawa,ON
  • Cost: $2 per month
Good "Cheap, works beautifully, tons of options"
Bad "Definitely not for the tech inexperienced"
Overall "If you want a cheap phone line this is the solution"
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Well I setup a voip.ms account a few weeks beforehand, then ran out and got a Linksys SPA-2102. Come home, get the adapter up and running, add credit to my voip.ms account, activate a new DID, configure the Linksys and boom I'm up and running with VoIP.

Call quality is excellent off the montreal2 server, whether off my ATA or my Android phone, absolutely no issues have arisen since I started service and overall voip.ms is a great VoIP service. Plus I haven't even scratched the surface on features yet but that's something I'll ease into.

UPDATE: October 18th, 2011:

Nothing to report but rock solid service that costs me less than $5 a month with my usage. In other words I couldn't be happier with voip.ms since they allow me to laugh in the face of Bell.

UPDATE: August 20th, 2012

Still enjoying rock solid service out of voip.ms along with features like call redirection since now I can just redirect telemarketers and other associated junk calls to the Canadian government's anti-fraud center along with the fact I can also redirect calls to my smartphone if I don't happen to be home to answer the call. The even better part, I've yet to use up my initial $30 deposit into my account yet and I've been using my account for over a year, something flat out impossible with some other VoIP providers and traditional POTS service. In other words, I couldn't be happier with voip.ms.

UPDATE: April 30th, 2013

Once again, still loving the service I receive with voip.ms, finally had to make a deposit into my account and I have switched away from the montreal2 server in favor of Toronto but otherwise nothing has changed and I still can't recommend voip.ms enough for the occasional phone user.

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Voip.ms: Keeping the costs low

I'm guessing that you're using Gmail or some other free calling system for outgoing calls so your Voip.ms minutes are incoming only? They bill in 6 second increments. So if you talk for 6 seconds how do they divide 1.5 cents by 10? Would they really bill you 1/10th of the 1.5 cents/minute rate for that call or is there a minimum to each call? If they bill you exact second increments that would be amazing. Just tell people that you'll call them right back, switch to Gmail and it would take forever to use up your initial Voip.ms credit. Also, you could use multiple numbers for just $2/month each. Pretty amazing. If its a short call it wouldn't be worth the bother of course of calling them back. And friends could just call you, let it ring twice for their caller ID to be transmitted and wait for your call if you're available. So cool.

See ya Rogers.

Ottawa, ON
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Re: Voip.ms: Keeping the costs low

No Google Voice here, I have no interest in doing the work to circumvent the restrictions Google has on the service for people living outside the US. The main reason why I pay so little per month is because I use it so little per month. A typical month of voip.ms for me is only the $0.99 charge to keep the line running since I only have it for Kijiji sales (even then the vast majority of responses are still by e-mail), places where I deem my cell phone number too risky to give out (i.e Facebook, stores, etc.) and backup if for some reason my cell phone ever becomes unavailable. Everything else I use my cell phone for since I have way more minutes than I can ever use (200 local minutes and unlimited nationwide calling to 10 numbers of my choice).

Basically if it wasn't for the fact voip.ms was dirt cheap per month for my minimal usage, I wouldn't even have a second phone line since I could never justify paying more than $5 a month for a service that's barely ever used.


Wondering about that ATA

Do you need one with Voip.ms or can you use a softphone like X-Lite with a decent computer headset?

Montreal, QC

Re: Wondering about that ATA

You can use software, ATA, Asterix, etc.