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Review by real_goose See Profile

  • Location: Apollo Beach,Hillsborough,FL
  • Cost: $15 per month
Good "Inexpensive and full featured"
Bad "Tech support not helpful"
Overall "Unlimited features and great value for technical users"
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·Verizon FiOS
I've had an account with for several years, but only this year have I started using them seriously. When Google killed Gizmo, I switched my incoming calls to an IPKall number that uses a registration to deliver the call to my Aastra phone. This has been working great for months, so I was able to convince my wife to drop our last analog phone line.

Unfortunately, we had intermittent one way voice issues when I put onto line 1 of my SPA-2000. (Line 2 is registered to and has been in use for years for outbound long distance and incoming foreign DIDs.) My Internet is from a U-verse RG rather than a cable modem and separate router so I had to keep reminding Alex that I could not connect directly to a modem and I could not make many changes in the router. Even putting the SPA into the DMZ did not help.

I finally 'fixed' the problem by putting onto an OBI 110 with no forwarding or special setup. I'm not sure what the problem was but I suspect something in that older ATA is just different than current models. The units from Obihai are under active development while the PAP line now from Cisco is not seeing many updates or fixes.

I found the support process exasperating. First I tried an on-line chat. When I asked questions about the responses, he quickly ended the chat. I then opened a ticket which meant we corresponded by email. has created a wiki that contains useful information. Invariably. if I asked a question, I would get a excerpt from what is in the wiki. It then took 2 or 3 more responses asking for an answer before I would get a answer to my actual question. Every entry from me took about a day to get a response and the whole process took more than 3 weeks.

Calls are good quality with no more wife issues. I really like all the features, but I'm still working out how to fully use everything available. I add telephone solicitor numbers to be filtered, but this is like playing whack-a-mole. Rather than reacting after the fact I'd like to be able to filter know solicitor numbers like Google Voice does.

I ported in my ATT number, so the monthly and per minute rate is higher than if I had registered a new number. Because both inbound and outbound minutes are charged, I will probably switch to monthly unlimited rate.

3/31/12 Update

I dropped reliability a notch because of intermittent problems making calls for the last 3 weeks due to authentication errors. I was registered, but the 503 error did not allow us to make calls. For at least 2 weeks people tell us they tried to call, but they get not in service messages.

Finally on March 28, VOIP.MS had major outages as many customers had the same problem. They did not update the issue tracker when they first started working on the authentication errors and still have not explained root cause or a final fix ETA. Having such issues is bad enough. But they really must do a better job of posting known issues as soon as they know they have a problem.


Just purchased a new DID for my future new home south of Tampa. They had a number I could not pass up. I have an Obi already there and was using Google Voice as my main number, but GV kept disconnecting after about 20 minutes irritating my wife. The good news is that my wife not longer insists on an analog POTS line. VOIP.MS has been reliable enough running on an Obi here in Detroit that my wife issues are not an issue.


I've raised my reliability rating. Not only has the service been more reliable, I find them more proactive if there is a problem. I opened a support ticket for what turned out to be a problem with my phone. The response was better than in previous years, but the terrible initial install non-support still keeps me from increasing my rating yet.

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