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Review by XCOM See Profile

  • Location: Spring,Harris,TX
  • Cost: $7 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Excellent Service, Support, and Awesome quality at a good price"
Bad "none"
Overall "If you need reliability, quality, and good support... voip.ms is the place"
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Call Quality:
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My Other Reviews

After some intensive research on the voip field it all came down to two providers...
voip.ms and CallCentric. I went to voip.ms because they have IAX2 support and many other reasons.

I had a few issues during my initial setups but they where all my fault dues to a misconfigured Asterisk Dial Plan and sip.conf. voip.ms tech support where very quick to point it out and fix it for me and that was a big plus for me!

I was barely starting to know how to use asterisk and voip.ms tech support along with the VoIP forum here, and #asterisk chan in IRC I was able to be up and running in no time.

Now if you have no technology background or experience in some of the voip areas it can be overwhelming and if you dont like to thinker going with an all in one provider would be a better choice. This will apply to any provider that is BYOD only.

I have 3 DID's and one URI. I am also using one of my DID's for faxing and I have not had an issue. Though I am using asterisk for fax to email and email to fax. It has worked out very well so far. I am setup with one main number that is tide to the 4.99 3500 Minute incoming plan and so far I have not gone over the min. I do wish that they had the same plan for outgoing though there per min rate its very cheap!

Another big plus for me has been that from voip.ms user to voip.ms user is free and there is no charge for outgoing as well as incoming I have most of my family in PR setup with asterisk and atas and we can communicate for free. They love it

I have not been able to test there E911 service due to Harris County Laws regarding 911 test calls so I can not comment about that. What I can say is that they do provide it for a small fee.

There website was very simple to navigate. Though can be a bit overwhelming for those who have never been in a BYOD provider. Take your time and navigate the site. Get familiarize with the options and settings and it will be clear. The menus are not obscure and are very self explanatory.

All in All voip.ms has been a reliable provider and the line quality has been 100% clear.


Update 11/17/12:

As of today I have not had any issue with voip.ms all has been solid even after the emergency change over back and forward they had to do due to Sandy. A+ in my book.

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