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Six Month Rating

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Review by DoctorStinky See Profile

  • Location: Brunswick,Cumberland,ME
  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Good Call Quality, Decent Uptime"
Bad "Weekend Support Could be Better"
Overall "Reasonably Stable"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 10/12/2014:

Call Confirmation is finally available, and it appears FAX is on the horizon. I'm mostly happy with the service's reliability since their upgrade to new severs. On the downside, I've experienced occasional loss of registration with no apparent connectivity issues, and call quality does not seem to be as good as it was a couple of years ago with digital artifacts and occasional dropouts. Overall, though, I'm happy with the service and definitely feel I'm getting value for money spent.

Update 7/16/2014:

The feature I've been pining for since 2010 is still not implemented, after multiple commitments from a senior officer that it would be available "real soon now." The back end functionality to support it has been available since early 2013, yet they still haven't delivered. I think it's time to reevaluate the competition.

Reliability downgraded: Call confirmation is necessary to reliably receive inbound calls when a cell phone is part of the ring group. Because it's not available, my reliability has suffered.
Tech support downgraded: Multiple commitments from the company to support this functionality "real soon" have not been met.
Value for money downgraded: The competition is looking better and better. Both Callcentric and Anveo have figured out how to do what I need and have been offering it for years.

Update 1/21/2013:

While I still haven't seen the features I need implemented, I do feel the need to upgrade my reliability rating. While other VoIP providers have had catastrophic outages, VoIP.ms' service has remained essentially uninterrupted for me.

As I write this, a multi-site upgrade is underway and I'm hopeful this will provide the platform required to support answer confirmation soon.

Update 5/25/2012:

More than 3 months after my last update, VoIP.ms has still failed to implement Multi-Ring Answer Confirmation, FAX Support, and SMS . . . these were the highest-priority features as claimed by their management in January of this year. If you're looking for inexpensive calling and an unexceptional feature set, this is the place.

Update 2/13/2012:

I've grown impatient with VoIP.ms' release of new features. Due to the spotty cell phone coverage in my area, it is impossible to implement a call-forward as part of a ring group; when out of cell range, calls go immediately to Verizon Wireless voice mail. This makes it impossible to pick up the call from one of my home phones until I deselect the call-forward from the ring group. The promised "Multi-Ring Answer Confirmation" feature would eliminate this issue, but the projected release date of October 2011 has come and gone with no comment from the company.

FAX is nearly unusable; most of my faxing is to company headquarters, through an 8xx number. The free routing used for 8xx call completion does not support the line quality needed for reliable faxing, and no support is offered for codecs that enable robust fax capability.

Since my original review, I've experienced two outages (more than 15 minutes in duration) during peak calling hours, and I've seen multiple call completion failures. While I'm hopeful that these are simply "growing pains," I'm dismayed by the lack of progress on innovative (and in some cases fundamental) features.

Original review follows:

My configuration consists of 2 DIDs, with 4 sub-accounts handling 2 Linksys PAP2Ts at two separate locations. I've configured Line 1 on each PAP2T as the Ring Group to which calls for one of the DIDs is routed, and Line 2 on each for the Ring Group for the 2nd DID. This is the capability that sold me on VoIP.ms; I have primary and secondary residences, and I wished to receive calls at both without having to reconfigure anything. That was something I could *not* do with Vonage, at least without spending a whole lot of money on a monthly basis.

I've had only one significant issue since joining, and that was with an outage that affected the New York server. It was fairly short in duration, though (less than 30 minutes), and was more a frustration than having any significant personal or business impact.

My "Bad" comment regarding weekend support is related to the fact that there's no one around to support porting issues on the weekend. Vonage dropped my first DID on a Friday (requiring VoIP.ms to scramble to get it added to my account), then dropped the second one on Saturday. VoIP.ms was unable to address the issue until Monday when the office was staffed again, and unfortunately it was the DID that I receive most personal/family calls. Vonage is not without blame in this, though; no FOC date was provided so everyone was caught off-guard.

I've since recommended VoIP.ms to a number of friends and co-workers. I'm very pleased with the service.

member for 3.2 years, 1200 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 106 days ago

What router are you using?

Out of curiosity...

Out of curiosity, which VoIP providers would you consider to have a feature set better than VoIP.ms? That is, with all of their features, plus full support of SMS and fax?

Brunswick, ME

Re: Out of curiosity...

Both CallCentric and Anveo offer hunt groups with Answer Confirmation, as well as inbound and outbound FAX. Anveo offers SMS (CallCentric does not).

VoIP.ms has been promising FAX and Answer Confirmation for close to a year now, with constant commitments that these features would be coming "soon."

As far as the rest of the features are concerned . . . the ones that are important to me are offered by all three vendors and many more. My initial attraction to VoIP.ms was its support for Ring Groups, as I have both a home and vacation property that I split my time between. However, adding a cell phone to such a ring group without call confirmation significantly impairs that functionality.

The one fundamental advantage that VoIP.ms has is in toll-free/8xx outbound calling . . . it's free and is the most significant reason I have not switched to another service.



cell voicemail doesn't work with a ring group

I now have my cell phone as part of a ring group. You need to disable the voicemail on your cellphone in order to make it work. I have let everyone important to me know to just call my voip.ms DID all the time (easy for them) and then it will failover to voip.ms' voicemail if there is no answer. I much prefer voip.ms' voicemail to my cellphone one, plus there's only one to check.

Answer Confirmation

Just to confirm that indeed, the new updates being deployed will allow us to offer answer confirmation.

As a matter of fact, the very first two important features we'll release after all servers have been updated, is centralised voicemail and answer confirmation.
Martin - VoiP.ms

Brunswick, ME

Re: Answer Confirmation

I very much look forward to updating my review when that happens, Martin.

Thank you.