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Review by badgett See Profile

  • Location: Ames,Story,IA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Solid service."
Overall "Could not ask for better service or more features."
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Update August 24 2013
What can I say except that Voip.Ms just keeps delivering the
goods: I pick up the phone knowing there will be a dial tone; I
dial a number 4000 miles away and the phone rings loud and clear
and I talk with someone for an hour and pay less than 60 cents for
the call; or I dial an extension and talk for nothing to someone
using one of my sub-accounts.

The server I am using has never had a down time to my knowledge;
no call has been interrupted or gone down; the sound quality is
not always quite up to that of a local POTS connection, but is
never tiring or irritating.

There are so many ways to strain out telemarketers that they are a
thing of the past.

The IVR makes it possible to interact with the caller, allowing for
call-handling that is extremely flexible. Even aside from the IVR, I do
not think any residential provider except Anveo has such a wide range of
call-handling options. It is a bit like having a gui-based pbx.

And for all this, it is one of the less-expensive voip providers.

Original Review
Using voip.ms for several months. I love the sub-accounts and set one up for a relative using a spare pap2t that I had.

She just has to dial an extension to ring my phone and I do the same to ring hers. No cost calling across 2000 miles.

No problems with the service. No down time I know of and my relative calls all over the place with no problems.

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