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Overall "A remarkable service at any price - and this one is not expensive!"
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May 2012
Nothing to change. It just keeps working reliably and sounding great.

Lovely service. Reliable, more options than I will probably ever use. When I realized how Voip.Ms routes calls, I was very impressed with how flexible it is.

You can send an incoming call to one voice menu or another depending on time of day or day of week, or callerid; Calls can be forwarded.

You can have it call you back and then get a dial tone, and have no long-distance charge to the phone you are calling from.

The sub-accounts are great: One account and an unlimited number of sub-accounts with it.

With all this (and more), it is one of the less expensive voip providers - Premium route is 1.25 cents/minute within the US. Calls to Canada and overseas are as cheap as anybody else.

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