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Review by Pente See Profile

  • Location: Dundas,ON
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Good "Great pricing, ease of set-up, lots of avail. support, great quality and services"
Bad "none so far"
Overall "Great company so far, competitive rates, scalable solutions, no fuss no muss."
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I ditched my POTS line almost a year ago and was using my cell exclusively (at home I have a multi handset phone system that auto-pairs via bluetooth, so when at home my cell calls come over my home phones.. seamless and great quality so I never missed my POTS line). I am still using this system with a pap2t ata and voip.ms.

Always a tinkerer and loving to save money, I recently decided to ditch my cell plan, opted for pay-as-you-go service and a small data allotment, and BYOB voip. Researching narrowed the field and voip.ms won out.

Set up went smoothly, and a few initial kinks ended up being caused by my (then) hardware (thanks to all of the fellow DSL'ers that helped me troubleshoot things). A few upgrades and switches in that department has meant for clear sailing and talking ever since.

My number port went smoothly. Any and all contact I've had with the company tech support has been efficient, helpful and ended up in resolving my issues. The option to have the chat transcript emailed is very handy...one could follow along any advice/steps etc. offline at a convenient time.

I have enjoyed setting up my IVRs, CID filters, voice mail and other features. I'm a tinkerer and a tech geek at heart so this was a great fit. Alternately, I have also set up a system for my 79 year old mother who wanted it to work "just like her old phone". So I set her up on voip.ms, and after having her record her voicemail name and outgoing message, she is happy to be looking at saving over $40 a month vs her former provider and she has only had to learn one new trick: she now has caller ID on call waiting ... something that would have cost her $3+ a month before.

As a note to anyone with concerns about E911 for elderly or possibly otherwise challenged individuals, I have also used the Dial Plan in the ata to add an extra layer of 'peace of mind'. I set the "P" (off-hook setting that normally results in a reorder tone if timed-out) to time out in 25 seconds and to dial my number upon timeout. Now, in the case that my mother takes her phone off the hook but for some reason is unable to even dial 911, after 25 seconds the call will automatically be placed to my home phone. Taking this further, one could set up a calling group to ring both home phone(s) and cells phones to ensure someone receives the distress call. This and her cell phone (should the power go out) leaves her comfortably covered in the even of an emergency.

I would highly recommend BYOB with voip.ms to anyone looking to cut the cord and save some $$. I would expect that with the amount of online documentation on their wiki that even the most modestly tech-savvy folks could successfully set things up, esp. given that help is so readily available should they need it.


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Boca Raton, FL
·CIKTEL Telecom

I'm confused.

You praised every aspect of the VoIP.ms product ... blaming any "minor" glitches on your equipment or yourself ... yet each of your ratings shows that your satisfaction level was only 75%.  One would have expected some rationale for arriving at these numbers.  Was there something wrong that we don't know about?  (I'm not "pushing" for a higher rating ... I'm just seeking a "truth and accuracy" policy in the Grotesque/Beastly/Unseemly (GBU) reviews.

If you are one of those individuals who does not believe perfection is attainable ... like the judges on Dancing With the Stars ... I might understand.  However, without more specific "negative" reporting, readers may be quite puzzled.

Hamilton, ON

Re: I'm confused.

I'm sorry to have introduced any confusion by my rating. To be honest, I did struggle slightly with the resulting numbers/percentages, as the tool itself employs not numbers/percentages, but the terms "worst to best" and as I have yet to try and/or research every possible voip provider, and thus know if voip.ms is or isn't "the best" in these areas, I simply chose the option one down from that to express that I was highly satisfied. I am not a Dancing with the Stars judge and so do believe that perfection is possible, though would still be reticent to announce finding it without having exhausted all other possibilities. That said, I would have rated voip.ms higher on a numerical percentage scale if such granularity was possible using the tool.
My intent was to give a positive review, if it did not communicate to you as such, I'm sorry, and hope the above explanation of my experience of the available judgement-passing tool will serve to illuminate things for you and others. There was never any intent to obfuscate things nor to introduce anything less than "truth and accuracy" in my review.
As you said, I did praise every aspect of voip.ms's product, well to be clear, I praised the aspects that I mentioned. There are many aspects that I did not cover. Rest assure however that with both the covered and non-covered aspects, I would certainly have given any pertinent experiences (negative or postive) their due airtime if I had felt it necessary.
To sum up...my experience has been an over-all postive one, I would (and have) recommended voip.ms to others,and should anyone care to read the minutiae of my experiences I can accommodate, but I would hope and prefer that the general thrust, tone and content of my original review will, when combined with the other 182 reviews, help to provide a well-rounded picture of the service for anyone seeking such information.