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Review by fizzboz See Profile

  • Location: Park,Gove,KS
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Easily the best residential voip provider on the planet"
Overall "Keeps working even in a Blizzard"
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April 7 2014
I can only repeat that the amazing IVR lets me shunt calls exactly where I want them to go, when I want them to go there; the SMS feature gives me an easy way to get messages to family members within seconds, and without requiring them to interrupt what they are doing other than to read the short text. Reliability has been absolute and sound is excellent except when the other end is using a flaky cell phone.

I know that can not go down, not with 12 geographically dispersed servers, any one of which can do the job.

For 1 cent/minute incoming or outgoing, $1/month for the DID, $1.50 for 911, it is hard to believe you would get so much, but there it is.

January 19 2014
Nothing new, could not be happier. I keep a second vosp handy as a backup but never need to use it. Incoming using the IVR to tell callers to press 1 to ring through means no telemarketers get through and no human caller gets blocked. The SMS feature works like a charm, letting me type messages on my pc's keyboard rather than on the mini-keyboard of the smartphone.

When they finally put in answer confirmation, Voip.Ms will be perfect.

February 20
Thought I would update the review. Nothing new really; the phone rings and I pick it up and have clarity like I used to get when I had a POTS line that cost 10 times what does; I dial a number and talk for an hour with a relative in a distant land and it costs me 70 cents; occasional 2am calls show up in the log but never ring the phone because of the callerid handling; relatives call from their phone and ring through any time; if they call from another phone, the IVR prompts them to enter a PIN; they enter it and ring through.

An amazing technology which costs me 1.05 cents per minute for calls in the US and Canada, and .007 cents per minute for calls to London last time I checked.

November 20 coninues to sound good and route calls exactly the way I want. It is also as reliable as they come.

During the blizzard, kept going because they had a generator, and when it ran out of fuel they still kept going because they had a mirror of the New York sever at one of their off-site locations (they have 10 or more of them).

What a company! When other providers keel over in the snow, keeps its users connected.

Good sound, reliability, tons of features, prices that are among the *cheaper* ones, believe it or not.

Great service. Reliable and good-sounding. It is like having a
landline phone without the expense, and with features that would
cost hundreds of dollars per month if Bell even offered them.

You can not get a bigger bang for your buck than with Voip.Ms.

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Sheffield Lake, OH

Glad you like it........

Glad you like it, but the hurricane comment is a low blow.

Montreal, QC

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Great service

Still a great service after two years. Convince three friends of mine to switch to They are all very satisfied.