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Review by r212raa See Profile

  • Location: Calgary,AB
  • Cost: $5 per month
Good "Lots of configurable options, good size of customer base"
Bad "No servers in western Canada. Server side issues can give you a surprise"
Overall "Good choice for those just starting out VOIP or experienced veterans"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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This is a good service for those new to bring your own device and even seasoned veterans. You can start small until you get comfortable with it. I like the fact they have servers in the west coast, east coast and one in London, UK. Also you will appreciate 6 second billing to 99% of destinations.

One of first things you will notice is their extensive configurable options. I only know of one or two other providers that can rival this feature set at this price. I'm not using all of it at the moment but it is nice to have in case I do decide to use it.

Their DID are priced fairly and competitively, and is easy to configure. Web interface has been upgraded in speed in recent months which is nice. They are not the lowest priced in the world but I believe when you consider price, features and reliability together, it is still one of top choices. You wouldn't want your VOIP provider to go under while trying to do it at a rock bottom price.

I have not had issues such as one being reported on the forum regarding voice delay. Overall, any system issue have been manageable and have not made my phone completely useless. Tech support is sticking a bit more to scripts rather than real answers but again it's not horrible either.

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Montreal, QC

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One of the best service you can get.

I have been using their service for more than a year.

I am using the "value route" with G.711u. SPA2102 with "FXS Port Input Gain": -5 (to eliminate echo).

Those who complain have problem with their equipment, their configuration or their internet access. To get the best service, you need a low jitter to the server you choose then a low ping.