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Review by carwoo See Profile

  • Location: Saint-Charles-De-Drummond,QC
  • Cost: $5 per month
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Bad "service"
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I've been with for a long time and been pretty happy with them until recently. I had just topped off my account with $25 and couple days later, someone hacked in and dialed many calls to Geneva and Bosnia/Herzigovina and used up all of my funds and left me with -5.00 baLance. I emailed customer support. they were quick to respond but basically said they have noticed an unusual pattern of calls made to Bosnia, but all they recommended was and to change passwords and change international call disable. They didn't offer to refund my money that was lost from the hack calls. Not impressed them due to this, and felt like they just brushed me off, and feeling less confident of using them so I'll be keeping my eye out for another alternate voip service soon.

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North Fort Myers, FL

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Look from their side.

Why do you think your problem should be their loss? The calls are not free to
PX Eliezer70
Hutt River


You are responsible for the security of your setup.

Also, Voip.MS has a feature to enable or disable outbound calls to every single country or group of countries. (CallCentric were the originators of this).

I enable to US, Canada, and iNum calls, and block all others.

That would have protected you.


What was compromised?

Specifically, what got hacked? If it was your own VoIP hardware or software, it's unreasonable to blame

If your web portal got hacked into, and your password was easily guessed, or if you used the same password on other sites, one of which may have been compromised, that is also your problem.

OTOH, if you had a properly protected, strong and unique password, or otherwise have reason to believe that systems were compromised in general, e.g. a hacker obtained access to their entire database, then you have a valid case. Please provide more details.

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Removed comment, just noticed the date and of the review and poster deleted his account.