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Review by bessarabia See Profile

  • Location: Seattle,King,WA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "worked well for 5 months"
Bad "can't receive calls on Nokia phone, no real tech support"
Overall "avoid if there is any chance you need technical assistance"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
(ratings well below consensus)

Updated review: 1/31/2013

After a rocky start with Voip.ms last August things got working, but as explained below only after 4 days of getting run in circles by tech support and having to break through by finding a "secret" phone number to call them and posting a negative review on this forum.

Now, 5 months later the same problem has returned: I can make calls out using my Nokia 700 phone but I can't receive any calls. During that 5 months I made no software, hardware, or any sort of configuration changes to my Nokia 700. All of a sudden I went from receiving 100% of incoming calls to receiving 0% of incoming calls for the last week.

What makes it fairly certain the problem is at the voip.ms end is that if I change servers the behavior of incoming calls change. For example, if I am registered on the Los Angeles server no incoming calls ever register on my Nokia 700, but if I am registered on the Seattle server than an incoming call instantly shows up as a missed call on the Nokia 700 (doesn't ring, just instantly displays as missed).

It is 4 full days now -- over two dozen emails, unanswered chats, and six phone calls -- with the same experience I had back in August: the first 2+ days of "tech support" consist of people answering a different question, not reading the support ticket, and then saying things like "we don't support cellular data service" or asking me to verify settings which have remained unchanged for 5 months. Most people would be dissuaded & give up when faced with this behavior.

So, I give up on voip.ms & confirm what I discovered in August: when it works it works, when you have simple problems (that you should have figured out yourself) they will help you, but when it comes to real technical issues at their end you will be blown off. If they ask you to try another device it is disingenuous: it is not for the purposes of troubleshooting but rather so they can say "Well that proves it, the problem is with your device/software/wifi/settings/etc."

I'm sure someone from voip.ms will respond here & explain how they have been trying really hard to work with me. That would be a lie. This is my second week without incoming calls so I need to find another provider.

Note to voip.ms: "We don't support cellular data"? Really? Could you please post that on your website front-and-center so as not to have this problem/excuse in the future.

Original review below:


Ported my cell phone number to voip.ms in order to use SIP on a Nokia 700 phone using both Wifi & 3G in Seattle. First two days worked, though there were problems with call quality. Starting last Sunday I could only make calls out over SIP using voip.ms (100% working) but could receive no calls in (0% working) using 3G (worked over wifi). Tried different voip.ms servers & settings, still won't work.

Also tried to use an Obi110 device and could not get it to work with voip.ms.

Spent over 3 hrs. yesterday on tech. support chat & email trying to resolve these issues, and got absolutely nowhere: I was repeatedly told that "cellular data service is unreliable," though that is clearly not the problem.

Now, 24 hrs. later I have gotten no response to my "ticket", no response from tech. support, and tried for over 30 min. to reach voip.ms tech support chat & failed -- completely unreachable. You also cannot call them regardless of problem or lack of response via email or chat (despite it clearly stating on their website "Our live support hours by phone are from 9am to 5pm EST (Eastern standard time)." I'm now going on 36+ hrs. without usable phone service, and predict the only response I will get is "cellular data is unreliable" (despite having consistent speeds of 1.2 to 4.3 Mbps)

Do not rely on voip.ms for technical support -- whatever help or answers they might give you are already on their website & wiki, beyond that you are completely on your own. I regret porting my number to them.

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Reply to customer


Your number works properly, and we tested this along with you by configuring your DID in "echo test" and also with call forwarding to an external number.

You replied to us letting us know these worked fine, so the issue that we have been trying to diagnose with you is regarding your registration attempts, where you report that your OBI drops the registration on your Nokia telephone too.

Regarding the reliability of the service with your 3G connection which we have indicated is not the best option for VoIP due to the latency of these type of connections and many variables on the side of the cell phone provider. You have confirmed that the service works properly when your NOKIA phone is using WIFI, this suggests the issues arise only when using your 3G service.

Regarding the technical support, yesterday you had a 2 hour chat session along with a technical support supervisor who also ran a trace to the server you were connecting to, and we saw that your OBI device was trying to connect however sent too many INVITE requests.

After a search, we have no record whatsoever of you accessing our live chat today at all we your last two chats took place yesterday (11:45 AM, 12:59 AM), but we do have a record of your calls to our toll free that were answered by our staff and your ticket was also updated today.

We will gladly keep working in order to assist with the issues you experience registering your OBI device at home, however regarding the 3G connection as mentioned previously it can work reliably at some or most times, however there are more variables that do not allow us to guarantee an optimal performance with these connections.

We believe we have acted in good faith and have been upfront about the service offered.

We will keep working with your existing ticket, which is being handled by a supervisor.

Thank you
Peter Sahui - VoIP.ms
PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

Agree with Voip.MS position

I agree with the company's comments.

I think it's nice of them to even try to help with your 3G issues.

Orleans, VT

Works for me...

Obi 110 works great for me. Voip.ms has been pretty bulletproof for the past year. Important to have reliable internet service...

Vancouver, BC

Tech support is fine

I use voip.ms heavily and have accessed their tech support via chat numerous times - they have been helpful, and prompt.

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The real issue

yes we'll certainly claim that we're trying to help you.

We have gone as far as getting traces from our Main System Administrator, 2 types of traces, explained to you in plain words in a ticket attachment.

The problem is PLAIN AND SIMPLE:

The customer devices replies: 486 BUSY

The customer refuses to believe that it's his device, even though the reply is coming from his OWN IP ADDRESS.


To resolve a problem it requires cooperation from both side.

Information on the registered Phone over 3G:

Def. Username: 143445_Nokia700
Status : OK (1568 ms)
Useragent : S60 RM-670 111.030.0609
Reg. Contact : sip:71pfW0hFjdGFtJOGi5Gv@CUSTOMER.REGCONTACT.IP.ADDRESS:5060;transport=UDP

Here are the traces:

- Customer IP has been replaced by CUSTOMER.IP.ADDRESS
- Seattle server IP Address has been replaced by SEATTLE.SERVER.IP.ADDRESS

For the sake of easier reading and also for privacy issues for the customer:

Wireshark short trace:


As you can clearly see, the customer IP Address is replying with a 486 BUSY CODE.

The customer denies this fact, and therefore, do not want to verify on his side and is asking us to "fix this"

I've seen the support ticket, it's HUGE and the replies are PROMPT AND DAILY.

So I will ask this to the customer:

- If you do not let us help you, how can we help you?

As noted by one of our System Administrators in the ticket:

"This is science, this is a fact, it's computer engineering, there's no feelings or humans intervening. It's simply 2 machines talking to each others."


All that is required is to find why, there is a device replying with a 486 BUSY on your registered IP and the problem will be solved.

The various staff responding to the ticket eliminated all the possible reasons. All they asked to test was normal procedures (Trying with a Softphone to confirm you can receive calls, Testing a different server, etc) They did try to help you resolve the problem to the best of their abiities. They also provided the information about the 486 BUSY before you updated this review as a retalition. They have also remained polite and responded promptly regardless of the fact that you've treatened many times to go to "forums and DSLReports with this".

Really, I'm not sure what more to add, I feel the review of our support and quality of service is totally flawed by the fact that one specific device on your side is replying with this busy code. You have been informed what the problem is, your staff is at your disposition for any further tests you might want to perform.

Best of luck and I wish things did not end up the customer giving legal treats over the phone.. Our tech guys are humans after all and all they want is to solve issues. I can confidently say they did well on the ticket, and I can post the timeline to prove it.


Edit: Removed few privacy details from the trace.

Martin - VoiP.ms