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  • Location: Cordova,Walker,AL
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Good "Reliable, good-sounding, superb call-handling"
Overall "Reliable, good-sounding, superb call-handling"
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June 8 2013
voip.ms continues to do an excellent job for me. I have added a sub-account to my old Nokia smartphone and can use voip.ms at wifi hotspots to read email or call anywhere - cellphone convenience at voip prices.

After several years of using voip.ms, I have had no problems to speak of.

I have a few dozen entries in the caller-id handling screen, routing them to 4 different destinations - ring through, voicemail, out-of-service message,hangup, and changing the destination depending on time of day or day of week.

Routing also varies depending on the number called - inum, virtual number, regular DID.

It also changes depending on the extension entered when the caller is prompted by the IVR.

This sounds complicated but is actually easy to set up, and along with the basic good sound and reliability, is what makes this such an excellent voip provider.

And not to forget the many failover options and the ability to switch servers if needed.

And the sub-accounts. They let you have what amounts to any number of accounts with voip.ms, while really having only one.

The price for all this is in the mainstream of other voip providers, maybe a bit less.

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