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Review by Viper359 See Profile

  • Location: Scarborough,ON
  • Cost: $5 per month
Good "Price, features, quality"
Bad "Support can take awhile if they is an issue"
Overall "You cannot go wrong"
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Coming from Rogers Home Phone, which is voip, I was ready for the worst. I started with a SPA 112 adapter for my set-up, then eventually moved to an all IP Phone system.

This move increased my call clarity, reception, and the system works flawless. The SPA 112 adapter was great, and it worked most of the time, but, with any ATA you will have issues.

There is a monthly cost for a phone number, called a DID, which is next to nothing, and the per minute rates are near zero! Many servers to choose from, and it has to be one of the best website user panels I have ever used, for such a small monthly fee. Set up your E911 properly, and you will have no issues.

The management can be often found in the forums here, and they help and answer questions whenever they can. They involve their customers in future decisions by asking their opinion, here in the forums, which for me, is a big plus. Customer engagement only improves services.

The issue tracker works great, but, do not expect fast customer support if there is a big service related issue going on. Mind you, the forums here are chalked full of very smart people in this field, and you can quickly, with their help, figure out what's going on.

I easily save $40.00 a month from my switch. I call Mexico, Germany, India, and Austria all the time. The rates blow Rogers and Bell out of the water. In fact, since making the switch, we talk more, and that's not always a good thing. LOL

I cannot think of any real major downtime, nothing that couldn't be fixed. This is a bring your own device company, which I prefer, it gives you more control, but also, more responsibility. That being said, the companies WIKI has some good setup instructions for many common devices.

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