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  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (month by month)
  • Install: about 10 days
Overall "voip.ms provides a perfectly good service that meets my limited needs at a reasonable cost"
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About a year ago I decided to stop using a Bell landline as a means of voice communication and use VOIP.ms instead. My primary goal was cost savings. By doing this I have cut my phone bill from $30/month to approximately $1/month (plus a $9/month dry loop fee). Normally I think of the dry loop fee as part of the internet service but am referencing it here for full disclosure.

VoIP.ms ported my number from Bell. There was a one-time $25 fee paid to VoIP.ms plus a $0.99 monthly fee to maintain the newly ported dial-in-direct (DID) number. I purchased my own Sipura/LinkSys SPA-1001 ATA for $12 from eBay.

Once the number was ported and functional on VoIP, I followed-up with Bell to ensure the service was cancelled at their end. Bell threatened to charge me for an additional 30 days for non-service. Suggesting that I would refuse *any* calls from Bell retention as a result of charging this stupid amount forced the Bell customer sales representative to back off.

Overall, I am very happy with voip.ms. It allows me to provide a contact number for local services, the public directory, and to reserve my cell phone as a contact method for friends and family. By using advanced screening features I am no longer bothered by daily telemarketing calls or messages. I love having access to a pile of features without being nickle and dimed to death by the provider!

I average a small number of incoming and outgoing minutes per month so the value based pay-as-you-go plan suits me just fine. Never, ever had a problem making an outgoing call and no one has ever complained about not being able to reach me. Honestly, during the previous year I could not tell the difference between the landline and this service.

Landline voice is not an important service in my home so reducing cost was the primary factor in my decision. As an essential service Bell provides excellent response to landline failures. As far as I know this level of service is completely absent with VoIP over a dry loop. The difference in service levels has not been a problem during the previous year nor do I expect it to be an issue going forward. A DECT 6.0 Panasonic multi-handset cordless phone is connected to the SPA-1001 and to a spare cell phone via BlueTooth, if needed, for emergencies. No compromises, no complaints, everything is exactly as I want.

Bottom line: Landline voice has marginal utility in my household. voip.ms provides a perfectly good service that meets my limited needs at a reasonable cost.

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