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Review by horacebork See Profile

  • Location: 09001
  • Cost: $7 per month
Good "decent tech support. responsive to problems."
Overall "great value."
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My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
[cable 20/2; panasonic tgp500 sip phone; used for usa residential service]

i started this service september 2012 in 'test' mode, not relying on it for my main phone service. being very new to voip, it was a little tricky to set up, but not more so than other byod voip services. falls into the category of 'not for the nervous', as they have no 'turnkey' setup. they do, however, have a faq section for setting up a wide variety of sip devices, which is very helpful.

they were very helpful when porting my main number to their service. my landline carrier (verizon) was very uncooperative during the porting process, and it took a complaint to the fcc and the diligent persistence of to get the number dislodged from verizon. they since also helped in a port (from att) where they were also actively blocking the port process. is stellar at helping with the port process, but i also highly recommend submitting an online fcc complaint to help with the porting process.

as for their service, i think they are keenly determined to provide high quality voip service. whenever i have experienced problems with the service, they have solved the problems. i personally feel they are a growing business. and sometimes with growth come growing pains. i have experienced a few problems when i first ported my number, but shortly afterward, they were resolved (for me).

i understand there are a number of people that complain about their tech support, but for me, they have worked fairly well. there was one specific issue with which i was a little frustrated, but it was eventually worked out. i feel the reviews stating that tech support are not helpful are out of line. they are knowledgeable and have been helpful to resolve my support tickets.

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