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Six Month Rating

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Review by AppleGuy See Profile

  • Location: Canada
  • Cost: $4 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Inexpensive and decent quality."
Bad "It's a little more than just plugging in. "
Overall "Great value, and super awesome if you're tech savy at all. "
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Value for money:
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I started using this service after my provider increased rates for the 5th time in 3 years. (Rogers) Since I don't use the phone (landline) a lot, no sense of paying $40/month for a VoIP service. Cost is $0.99/month plus $1.99 for e911 service plus usage. Calls have been clear, though setting up the answering service isn't 100% straight forward. However, saving $420/year +tax will be awesome.

January 2014-

It's a good service. Call quality is actually better than our own (Rogers) provider, pretty much equal to Bell landline. Nice thing is you can easily forward calls and make changes on the website when you login. It's not 100% straightforward, you need to be a bit technologically inclined to figure everything out. But I have two lines coming into the house, plus a virtual line in a different city that forwards to my cellphone. I really like the service and have no complaints. Updated at top to reflect price (I was incorrect), lines are 99 cents, minute charges are 1 cent for premium (as good as landline) and 1/2 cent per minute non premium (as good as voip). Option for unlimited incoming, no option for unlimited outgoing, which I wish they had. But $30 will last me a few months with 3 (yes, 3) lines.


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