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Review by eddi1984 See Profile

  • Location: Edmonton,AB
  • Cost: $12 per month
Good "Good pricing, great support, lots of features, nice call quality"
Bad "Take a little bit of time to setup"
Overall "Love it!"
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My Other Reviews

Hi all,

UPDATE 12 March 2015:
I am with VOIP.MS for approx 2 years. So far, I LOVE IT!!! Had issues with one number in a town, but that got resolved promptly by their techs. Other issues that have come up, all have been handled quickly and professionally! Call quality is very good. Pricing is good. The options offered are fantastic! (STILL missing T.38 FAX would be nice if they could get it setup).

My current setup: Panasonic KX-TGP500 with 3 handsets. One Aastra 57i, and one Linksys SPA3102 (for my alarm system to dial to the central station, and I also use it for fax in/out (no T.38)). I also use Zoiper soft phone at my work place for the occasional LD calls.

I also love the SMS feature, it works great!

I will stay with VOIP.MS! I LOVE the company and their service, has saved me already TONS of $$$. Thank you VOIP.MS!!!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

I am with VOIP.MS for approx 6 month now (5 DID's).

I really hesitated to switch from SHAW (local cable provider). I was not sure, how reliable the VOIP.MS service would be.

A little bit of background:
I had SHAW internet (50) and Home Phone. In a 3 year span, the price went from $85 to close to $105. I guess the shareholders needed money for a new yacht or something ...
Long story short, SHAW was not willing to drop the price (I was with them for close to 7 years), nor did they care when I left (got no "please come back" response, just silence ...)

I switched my internet to TELUS (see my other review) and I ported one number (with SHAW it was a distinct ring number, kept the primary phone number with SHAW).

I setup simulations ring with SHAW to ring the ported number residing at VOIP.MS. So every call that came in on my primary number was also ringing my VOIP.MS number. I setup a Grandstream ATA with my analog phone.

I had some issues with the ATA, it was not working right, so spend some time to fix that. Once it was resolved, it worked (not as good as I would liked it).

Than I also had a problem calling certain numbers that terminated in a little town where family is living. It took approx 2 days with tech support so resolve the issue (I believe that it was the local termination that was causing issues, because family living in that town also experience frequent problems with their POTS line).

Because of the issues, tech support recommended to use PREMIUM line not VALUE. So I did (the extra cost does not make much of a difference to me, in respect to the better call quality and reliability). Since than, I have no problems with any numbers in that town anymore.

If you switch to VOIP.MS, sign up for an account and play with the site and settings before you buy/port a DID. This way, you will be familiar with VOIP.MS site and than you can focus on the actual phone setup once you have a DID.
After some initial bumps at the beginning, the service is flawless, and I have no issues since (wife is not complaining, so that is GOOD! )

I highly recommend, if you are switching to VOIP.MS get yourself a true SIP phone. The Panasonic KX-TGP500 is fantastic. Siemens also has a Gigaset (DECT) phone. Or get a wired SIP phone (Aastra is nice and easy to setup, Grandstream phones are a cheaper option). With an ATA, you will always loose something (it might be ok, but not great!).

That is now approx 2-3 month ago. Since then, I upgraded my ATA to a Panasonic KX-TGP500 and ported my primary number to VOIP.MS! I love the phone! Also, I noticed a clear improvement in my call quality and specially clarity.

I have one problem with VOIP.MS. THEY DO NOT SUPPORT T.38 FOR FAXING. And that is why I still hesitate to resell the VOIP.MS service to my business customers that I do IT support. Everyone of them still uses the traditional way of faxing regularly. It has to work and without T.38, it is not guarantied.

VOIP.MS, PLEASE, IMPLEMENT T.38! It cannot be that hard with Asterisk ...



PS: If you find spelling mistakes, please keep them ...

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