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Review by ymhee_bcex See Profile

  • Location: Tarzana,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $20 per month
Good "Excellent voice quality and tech support"
Bad "Voicemail setup has room for improvement"
Overall "Practically flawless"
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·AT&T U-Verse
February 5, 2014

My other cousin (doctor) tried Voip.ms and chose against it. Mainly because of limitations in voicemail setup. Specifically, she needs a single voicemail box with a recording in two languages, and with an option to send her SMS if the message is urgent. The only way to do it is to have four different mailboxes. Th reason it's a pain is because it's very difficult to check voicemail from outside - you need to go through IVR and can only press 0 when you get to actual prompt. The prompt cannot be uploaded, only recorded over the phone - although support kindly offered to assign the recording through back end.

The final straw was that the voicemails can't be checked on the website. Sadly, it was too cumbersome for medical office.

December 25, 2013

I finally convinced my cousin (who owns an auto body shop) to switch from Vocalocity (former Aptela, now Vonage) to Voip.MS. Couldn't be happier. They have to extensions and they need IVR. I think Voip.MS are the only ones who can do that in this price range.

I had a need to contact support three times. Once there was a problem, and two times it was question / help. All three times the response was within 15-20 minutes, it was substantive and very intelligent. Oh, and no "We apologize for inconvenience" (which usually means that the technician has no clue how to solve the problem).

There are so many features, that setting everything up can be confusing. Also, the website can be slow at times. Finally, on a different occasion something triggered Voip.MS security check, and it was a pain. In fact, my other cousin in Europe ended up not going with Voip.MS for this reason.

But here, once everything was up and running, and the cost dropped from $80 to about $20 per month - couldn't be happier!

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