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Review by Seph83 See Profile

  • Location: Blairsville,Union,GA
  • Cost: $43 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Great local tech support! Cheap fast symmetrical fiber with a powerful backbone network. Consistent speeds at all times."
Bad "Latency to some servers seems a little higher than it should be. Contract might be too strict for some. CGN by defualt."
Overall "30/30 mb for $42.95! Getting my money's worth on a network that isn't oversold, that has room for expansion and speed increases."
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My Other Reviews

(11/15/13 Update)BRMEMC's fiber has been rock solid since the start. On the back of my latest bill, I got to see all of their current speed offerings and pricing, which are as follows(All speeds are symmetrical):

Basic 10MB for $34.95/month

Standard 20MB for $39.95/month

Premium 30MB for $42.95/month

Ultimate 40MB for $49.95/month

Lightning 50MB for $59.95/month

I'm currently sticking with the 30MB as it's the best value for the money for me right now.

(08/19/13 Update)Randomly tried a speed test out of the blue, and was pleasantly surprised to see a very nice speed upgrade. 30mb/30mb for the same price I was paying for 12mb/12mb. I was told when I signed up that I would receive a free speed upgrade by the end of the year, but after years of lies from my previous ISP, I took it with a grain of salt. Glad I've now got an ISP that does tell the truth, and will take the time to help their customers!

(07/17/13 Update) Service has been rock solid with consistent speeds at all hours. I had a minor issue, that the awesome tech support department took care of for me: BRMEMC uses CGN by default, so you get a shared public IP address. I emailed the support desk, and received a phone call that told me they could put my ONT into bridge mode, and I could get a public dynamic IP address. There was some kind of issue the first time they tried it, and it wouldn't work, so they had to put me back on CGN, then two days later I got a call stating that my ONT is now bridged, and that I now have a public IP address. I rebooted my ASUS RT-N66U, and there now I do have a public IP address. Great job on BRMEMC's tech support department! Most ISPs would of probably just told me to live with it...

(06/10/2013) Initial review one week after getting service.

I called the Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation on May 20, 2013 after being fed up with Windstream's oversold network. The lady on the phone said to give them a couple days to pre-qualify me, and sent me a copy of a contract with their current plans and pricing, which are as follows:

3M/3M: $34.95

6M/6M: $39.95

12M/12M: $42.95

20M/20M: $79.95

30M/30M: $99.95

The last two packages are available upon request, and are mainly intended for large homes/small to medium businesses that do not require an SLA.

On May 22, I got a call saying that I had pre-qualified for fiber with a free install, and if I was still interested to fill out the order form and contract, and that they would run fiber to my house within 3 weeks. I selected the 12mb/12mb plan, with no telephone or IPTV services, which BRMEMC offers as well. On May 29 several men of BRMEMC's field installation crew came out and ran about 795 feet of fiber from the highway and installed the ONT, an Allied Telesis AT-iMG726BD-ON, which I ran about 50 feet of conduit from the house with a shielded CAT6 cable on May 30(which saved myself a $75 installation fee, and the $1.50 a month inside wire maintenance fee). Then on May 31 a tech came out and spliced in the fiber to the ONT and the fiber to the main line on the highway. On June 3, my new fiber optic internet was provisioned and activated.

A week of using BRMEMC's fiber has been flawless, with perfect speeds, no buffering while streaming two Netflix HD streams simultaneously. As you can tell, from the speed test below, I'm getting exactly what I'm paying for.

One thing that some people might have issue with is the contract that you have to sign, to get fiber installed for free. It is a two year contract that is as follows: "By signing above customer agrees to continue services for a term of 2 years, then continue monthtomonth until the agreement is cancelled by either party. If customer cancels its service or any portion thereof, or has its services or any portion thereof terminated as provided above, prior to the expiration of the contract term, customer shall be obligated to pay BRMEMC the monthly reoccurring rate, of canceled service(s), multiplied by the months remaining in contract. Such termination charge shall be paid to BRMEMC within thirty (30) days after such cancellation by the Customer."

The only other minor issue, and I'm not even sure it's an issue, is that the latency to some servers seems a little higher than it should be. Any of the servers on the North Georgia Network always give a sub-20 ms ping, as well as Facebook and Wikipedia. Google and DSLReports give 30-35ms ping which seemed a little high to me, since it was about the same latency I got on ADSL, so I'm thinking that's just routing outside the NGN.

The BRMEMC only serves Union County, Towns County, parts of east Fannin County in Georgia, Clay County and parts of Cherokee County in North Carolina, but if your home is served by them for electric power, then I would not hesitate to call them for the best internet you can get in these mountains.

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Lindsay, OK

Windstream review

Your review for ws was right on target for my area. And your new service is the envy of Lindsay, OK. Thanks for posting, Larry

Winter is Coming
Blairsville, GA
·Blue Ridge Mount..

Re: Windstream review

Does Windstream own the cable company in your area too? I had heard from a friend who's relative worked for the local cable company that they were doing trials of cable internet in a few places, around 1996-1997, then Alltel bought them out at the same time they bought Standard Telephone Company out. I'm just glad that the North Georgia Network built out such a nice new all fiber network, and BRMEMC joined in on it. It was designed mostly for schools and businesses, but they allow residential access as well.
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