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  • Location: Elsah,Jersey,IL
  • Cost: $55 per month

I was lied to by a cricket rep. on a chat before I purchased the broadband =
modem.i saved the chat session just incase , I asked the rep if my home add=
ress had broadband coverage.his exact response was "totally covered ,you ar=
e good to go" so I purchased the modem and the 55.00 plan .when I received =
the modem 3 days later,it was worse than my dial up connection .i called co=
stumer support and a rep. there told me NO you don't have coverage at that =
address that might be why it isn't working properly.so I asked him if I sen=
t it back because I was LIED to in a chat session ,and I have the proof, co=
uld I get a 100% refund.he then told me no you have had the service for 3 d=
ays now and that the 55.00 that I spent on the first mo. service would be d=
efaulted ,but the would refund the cost of the modem if I send it back to t=
hem in 30 days at my expense .i then told him I just received the modem yes=
terday .he said it starts the day you place the order" sorry, company polic=
y" I called the BBB and filed a complaint .I'm sending the modem and the c=
hat session with my home address high lighted and where the rep told me tha=
t I was totally covered and good to go. I think this is not a very good com=
pany when you have proof that you where lied to and they just say sorry com=
pany policy... I think I should get a 100% refund plus what it cost me to =
send the product back,because if the rep would have told me I didn't have c=
overage I wouldn't have purchased it......Would you.

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