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Review by llSh0ckll See Profile

  • Location: Pittsburgh,Allegheny,PA
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 9 days
Good "No Contract, 1mbps after pay day for 4 days"
Bad "Horrible in every other way."
Overall "Sucks. Dont get it, unless its the only option."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Ok so this all started when i was getting annoyed of my neighbors constantly disconnecting free wi-fi. I decided on getting cricket, since it was supposedly "Cheap".
It was the week of christmas.

I got to say, the installation was kind of easy! All I had to do is buy it, go to my house, and put it in my laptop. Then i was good to go!

But then it went downhill
I don't remember the speed, but i remembered it couldn't load 1 youtube video after 1 hour of the service going. I was pissed at the download speed too, I can't even get a 1mbps program! It all went slow.

Ok so after 6 months of cricket internet, whenever i paid the bill, it would finally raise up to 1mbps, enough to watch a youtube video with 1 or 2 buffering, or a whole movie stream, or play in a multi player server in minecraft. Problem was, it went down once you have gone 4-5 days with it. Totally unreliable. It goes 0.50kbps-100kbps now, and I cant stand it! Its horrible! In two weeks, I will switch to comcast, so Thank God. I cannot stand this ISP anymore.
I would not recommend this iSP to anyone now, and I've been actually bad mouthing the cricket service. If you love slow internet, go ahead and give your hard earned money on these con artists!

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Are you for REAL?

Let me get this right.... So you were sponging off your neighbors wi fi but were bothered because it kept dropping off? Then figured you better pay for your own. Unless your neighbors were OK with you piggy backing off them (which probably slowed their own service too) you deserve what you got.

Pittsburgh, PA

Re: Are you for REAL?

Actually yes, there were ok with it. I asked them and even done some things around there house.

Cincinnati, OH

Cricket Broadband

I believe the problem you are having is that you are going over your allocated data cap. When you go over it Cricket throttle's your internet connection. They have three tiers called Light, Medium, and Heavy. Light your cap is 2GB. Medium your cap is 4GB. Finally Heavy is 8GB. If you pass the cap on your plan you will be throttled by Cricket. When you watch youtube videos that will eat through your cap fast. I would recommend you switch you plan to heavy that way you can watch youtube without blowing through your cap.