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  • Location: West Hollywood,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Very Good HD Quality On Most HD Channels"
Bad "I Would Like It More If They Had More HD Channels"
Overall "Just All-Around Good Cable"
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Install Co-ordination:
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I live in an Apartment building where cable is included in the rent. I have a pretty high-end 1 1/2 year old Samsung 40" LCD TV, and when the building switched from DirecTV to cable, I was worried about the quality of the picture (when they switched, I still had my older Sony TV). However, I was pleasantly surprised. Time Warner provides a very good HD signal on it's HD channels. The installation was easily done by the Tech who came out, and I easily replaced my Cable Box to the more up-to-date one, which I feel delivers a better picture. I have had TWC for over 2 years now and am happy with it.

UPDATE: I moved to Rio Rancho, NM in August of 2010, and no longer have TWC.

UPDATE: 9/30/11 I'm at a relative's home in Los Angeles for a couple of months. They have TWC, and the picture on their 40" Sony LCD TV is great in HD!

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