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  • Location: College Point,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $161 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Tri.Play, no contract, fast install-running-great so far, happy camper"
Bad "Rising prices fr $137/mo, exchanged bad Samsung box w SA HD box. Had t wait t get RR master email/pw, solved quick b Level 3"
Overall "Good deal for DSL customers w/o Fios choice, rising prices after 12 mos & no deals to keep existing customers, STB are $$$$"
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(Update #3 - 3/3/2012)

Our overall Triple Play package price has gone up (started out at $137/mo in Oct. 2010) to now $161/mo ($147+taxes/fees/surcharges) for 2 HD STB only, discontinued free Showtime & wireless router promo for 1st. year and turbo/speedboost at 50% off for $5/mo extra at the 10/.768 tier. It's getting expensive with 2 announced price hikes in last 3 months and ours will go up in 7 mos. when more discounts go away, unless we call in and ...

Fios is now available & priced very competitively, targeted at cable subscribers to switch, with excellent offers - TWC not trying hard enough to keep existing customers (yes, lower your cable box rental fees charged each month & lots of us will re-consider & talk - so listen up, or, more cancellations will be coming ... seriously)

Reliability has been excellent for the services, 99.85% uptime and getting good speed.

Upload speed has been slow at 768k but just increased on 3/1/2012 to 1.5MB based on speedtest results, upstream remained at around 25MB at non-peak hours - our residential area is mostly NOT over-subscribed.

Wideband is available at extra costs.

»speedtest.net/result/1810201108. ··· 1108.png

# # # #

Update #2 - Mar. 29, 2011 - both HD (Samsung & SA) boxes working great for past 3+ months, has zero downtime thus far and no rebooting issues, signal held up welll even during some of the worst winter snow storm & gusty wind in excesss of 50 mph) Meanwhile, no words of actual Fios deployment on our block or around the corner for that matter - no longer get excited with all the VZ Fios vans & trucks zooming in the neighborhood.) Broadband & digital phone portions of TWC services also working great, slower speed during the evening dinner hours & sometimes on weekend, as expected, but still good enough for video streaming when needed and beat DSL by a wide margin.

# # # #

Updated #1 - Dec 3, 2010 - Exchanged 1 bad Samsung H3050 HD Set-top box that continued to freeze & lockup, cable signal is solid & repeated reboot - went to local Service Center & swapped for Scientic Atlanta SA4250HDC this week. SA box working just fine so far, picture quality is great on 1080 via HDMI.

Services has been solid with no down time thus far & much improved over what Verizon was offering, regular monthly bill with Triple Play and 2 HD box, unpublished phoone listing is $134/monthly with taxes/fees, etc. - not bad at all for next 10+ months. (Double Play - phone & DSL w. 1.0/384 was $82/mo when I declined to lock into contract for another 12 months or longer and without free wifi)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

(as of Nov. 11, 2010 - nearly 3 weeks, everything running smoothly, speed above or at the boosted provisioned speed, etc. - very pleased & surprised with all the negative comments written up about TWC) - see test results below

»www.speedtest.net/result/1025706 ··· 6094.png

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

Original Review (sequence re-arranged, latest on top of post) from Oct. 2010 -

Ours is the Triple Play $99 package, pricing good for 12 months with no contract & installed for $25 only (digital phone activation)

SMC 8014WG-SI wireless modem/router. Arris TM402G110 Telephony Modem.

1 Samsung SMT H3050 HD Box (no DVR) with 1 exchanged for Scientic Atlanta 4250HDC - signals via outside poles down into the basement service panel along the front of the house/driveway, splitter & up the interior walls via coaxial into LR, MBR & Study/Home Office.

Placed order online & managed to finalize it before it timed out at 20 minutes, Received confirmation order # email but had to call in Sunday morning to verify billing address/etc. to complete ordering process, appointment date & time slots locked for following Friday morning with a 4 hour window. Automatic voice called twice to reconfirm, contractor-installer arrived late (behind scheduled work given) and review our plan, assessed options & needed our decision to drill or use other "active" wires carrying DirecTV signals. We opted to pull 2 satellite boxes so that installer can check those for cable along with other unused coaxial for the installation job. Took just under 3 hours from arrival to finish, including showing us the basics & showing connectivity, reconfirming our newly assigned digital phone # and even our wireless functionality.

We ordered the boosted Turbo Plan (up to 15MB/768 - otherwise, 10MB d/l) and we are getting as much as 17 to 18MB downstream during off-peak/non-congested time for the past 5 days upon being "live" - very, very happy with our speed benchmark. Latency is as low as 20 or 15 ms, excellent ping time vs. DSL in the 80ms ranges when things were "good" We are on a fairly non-congested suburban area of the city with low population density, so we slow down to somewhere between 8MB and 10MB during the weekend/evening traffic jams on the net, ping time at 50 or 60 ms.

For a price & speed/value-based competitive basis, this is definitely a winner for us vs. our former DSL Double Play, non-contracted pricing as we would NOT renew or lock another 12 months again. Voice quality on Digital Phone is solid, loud & clear, and CID displaying on TV screen is nice when we are "occupied" and our unpublished/private number should be less prone to junk calls even with DNC submission requested.

Fios has been selectively in our zip code on many surrounding blocks for 9 to 12 months now, but still NO go for us - TWC became our only option as VZ had their chances to fix their aging copper wires, as many houses around here are over 100 years old & most wires above ground up along the wooden poles. Our closest telephone junction box is exposed to air, moisture, dust, and elements of wind/rain & sun - telco couldn't care less about it, leaving old & disconnected wires hanging loose & down the poles (squirrels loved to chew & bit on them to sharpened their teeth).

We had initial issues with possible modem problem & a field specialist/supervisor was arranged to come back the next day at specific time slots for a followup tech support visit - he arrived early & on-time, courteous & explained/answered questions and assured us everything has been resolved & in proper order - with us getting above provisioned speed as excellent launching pad. We've given direct # to local help resources for next 7 days, but calling them in the evening resulted in long que & hold time waiting for next available agent. Road Runner's national help desk couldn't resolve our request on 1st. call to obtain our master email & password info for our account as our phone #'s were cross-linked, and we ended up with going in circles. My next call in the morning was quickly answered by Level II or Level III agent and fully resolved in under 15 minutes, up & running with account access & profile/password changes enabled once I got walked-thru help in site navigations. Very helpful,professional & courteous in a friendly manner.

Equipments are working great except that one of the Samsung STB seemed to be freezing at times with rapid remote keying & thus prompted for a forced reboot.

Will update this initial review & post in the coming weeks with additional notes and comments At this moment, very glad that we finally switched.

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