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Review by kilrathi See Profile

  • Location: Rockaway Park,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $100 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Service is great *when it works*"
Bad "With the new docsis3 rollouts and channel bonding some areas have too low upstream SNR for proper service."
Overall "Verify there are no signal issues in your area before purchasing Time Warner services."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

*update June 2013*

Upstream packet loss is back today, had to schedule a tech. Same problem the way its affecting my connection as last year.... about 2-5 % constant packet loss on the upstream only. First call to l3 support and of course I was told nothing is wrong but they will send a tech. I will try to call again tonight see if I could reach a different person that can actually look at upstream snr in real time and not at history for whoever knows time. This issue now could be either node or maybe heat is affecting noise to be magnified on the system since temperature outside is really starting to kick up. Will post updates but again having tw service for past 2 years been frustrating experience back and forth upstream packet loss problems.

*update april 2013*

TWC managed to fix the upstream packet loss. At same time I also ordered verizon fios and basically I keep the fios install delayed for a month as long as twc cable works fine, I will do this forever as long as no problems with twc. Great backup plan to have. Currently though everything is great with time warner cable for past month or so, lets hope this year there will be no problems rest of the year which would mark a record in my book for past few years.

*update march 9, 2013*

Since wed when twc did some maintance on the node the same old f problem of upstream packet loss and noise is back again. This is insane. TWC cannot provide me with service without an issue for even half a year. I made a topic that I will be updating on this here:

»[TWC] [nyc, queens] rockaway park - packet loss noise issue(agai

*update december 21, 2012*

Previous upstream problem was resolved on october 20 when plant techs found illegal cable hooked up 2 streets away that was causing the noise on the upstream in the area. After Hurricane Sandy when the power and cable came back everything was perfect until today december 21, since 6pm upstream is nearly dead and sometimes it will hit 0.1Mbit along with 30%packet loss, so a horrible upstream problem again! Cannot even get 1 month problem free from time warner. I called level 3 technician and he confirmed 30 % packet loss but did say that upstream snr and all the signal levels are fine which may indicate problem lies somewhere on time warner network. Right now at midnight the problem is still ongoing I can barely browse websites as most just take like half a minute to load or time out. Forget about downloading anything, streaming, voiceip or playing games, way too much packet loss and almost no upstream speed present. To say I am fed up with this "ultimate 50/5 package" is understatement. I will try to contact client relations again and look if I can catch some time warner van around to see if I can get them to take a look because scheduling a technician to come earliest they can do is 2 weeks away.... so I guess time warner expets me to have basically no usable internet entire holidays over 2 weeks at least while i am on their most elite internet package..... horrible.

*update october 12, 2012*

Problems with upstream are back again and now my upstream SNR is below 18dB as I was told by level 3 tech, of course he was unable to determine which of the 4 upstream channels I was on at the time but upstream snr below 18 when it should be at least 26 tells u the story. I was told to wait to monday for a truck which wont be able to solve the issue, this requires plant tech. So basically time warner still did not address my problem that started back in may, its the same old issue with upstream snr and upstream packet loss. Last night I had no intenret working at all and today I have a lot of packet loss and I bet when usage increases and my upstream snr goes even lower I will have no internet again. This company is lucky I am still waiting on verizon fios non vdsl to be available here.

*update september 18, 2012*

Packet loss on upstream is back today since 7 am and not only that but upload speed is down to below 1Mbit, normally I have no problems hitting 4-5Mbit.... so not only packet loss on the upstream is still the problem but now even the speeds are only 20% of what it should be or less on the upstream. Tech on phone told me he will get a truck roll but I have to again wait a week and client representative assigned to me is not returning the calls for over a week. Client support seems to be degrading lately too.

*update september 3, 2012*

I was migrated to new CMTS which is located in NJ, and at first few days things were great but now the same problem is back, upstream packet loss and total loss of internet every now and then every evening and most of the night. Client representatives promise to call me back within a week regarding updates from engineering and then noone calls me at all, I call back and I am told I cannot speak to client rep they are busy but to leave a number and they call me back.... Level 3 tech became less and less usefull as well on the phone. Back in July I had a plant tech out here who found some old wires streets away that caused noise and he fixed this but there is still another source of noise but now noone will even tell me whether he can come back out here and investigate. 3 months problems and still nothing is basically fixed, so morale of the storey is if you live in NYC and have option to go verizon fios over time warner do it. I am in a bit of situation where I cannot get verizon fios type of service I would want and thus I am stuck with time warner atm but based on last few months it doesnt look like they care about the customers they service.

*update july 23, 2012*

plant tech was finally out here and found noise cause 3 streets away that caused upstream snr to drop every night, however upstream packet loss is still occuring, entire night had packet loss on the upstream now just when I thought problems were fixed. Frankly ever since time warner decided to add upstream channel bonding just to show off( maximum upstream speed on any package is 5Mbit thus 1 channel is enough) there been problems for 2 months now. Clearly either plant/cmts side is not configured properly for upstream channel bonding or there are issues at the node itself. Either way 2 months and aside from upstream snr being fixed the actual packet loss issue continues. I will have to downgrade pacakge to old docsis2 so that there is no upstream channel bonding, that will fix packet loss I believe.

*Update July 3, 2012*

Problems continue and its getting worse again, upstream snr drops below 20dB at nights, connection dies and when its working a lot of upstream packet loss... not the kind of service one expects for $100 bucks and what is called "ultimate internet". I am supposed to contact client relations again.... except I been doing this for over a month now and nothing is fixed.

*Update June 21, 2012*

Tw techs hooked me up to a differnet pole/tap and supposedly upstream SNR is much better, also I noticed when my upstream channels use lower QAM modulation there is no problems, issue is that they sometimes switch to higher and that means if upstream SNR is too low the problems may return. Will update if evertyhing stays normal over weekend.

*Update June 19, 2012*

3+ weeks nothing is fixed. Upstream SNR keeps going out of spec every night and even more and more during the day. All other signal specs sich as power levels, downstream snr etc are great, wiring is all checked on my house. Clearly local pole or area issue on tw lines. Currently I barely have internet working at all. Every time I call I get a run around that plant technician will be out, then I find out from escalation center that there is none scheduled, client relations tells me something is being done, same story for 3 weeks and things are only getting worse. Currently my speeds due to upstream noise is about 1-5Mbit down max and upstream value on last test was 0.02Mbit and this is on time warner wideband 50Mbit/5Mbit package.

Here is fresh test:

»/pingtest/3 ··· /2913958

»www.speedtest.net/result/2018400 ··· 0917.png

Took me 5 reloads and about 5 minutes to load and upate this review on this connection.

*Update June 13, 2012*

Something was done on poles or plant side tech that came today said, also tech said my upstream power levels were too close to tmin value so he installed extra splitters to correct it, currently things appear to be fixed, I will wait to see if this stays fixed for few days before I celebrate.

*Update May 26, 2012*

Packet loss problems started again during day hours since yesterday, tech today verified the problem is local when taking readings on the pole and assured crew will be out within 48 hours to fix. I expect this to be fixed within a week, will report but this is horrible timing as I have now crap connection with packet loss for entire memorial weekend.

*Update January 30, 2012*

For the past 6 months everything been smooth, and when there was an issue like modem rebooting etc.... calling level 3 was always quick.

I would grade this service much higher if it wasnt for one problem. ON wideband time warner does not allow u access to modem control page such as seeing signal levels etc... but if you get signature wideband then you have access.

*Update May 09, 2011*

Packet loss issue been resolved for now, however I was contacted and told that regional issue with upstream/utilization is still being worked on and that I may get refund until its fixed. This is very nice support for a change!

*Update May 04, 2011*

Level 3 local tech did confirm there is dataloss/signal issue in region did not give me any estimate if and when this be fixed. This is how my TIME WARNER wideband has been for 2 weeks now more or less:

»www.speedtest.net/result/1281948 ··· 8338.png

»www.pingtest.net/result/39903985 ··· 3985.png

»www.pingtest.net/result/39904021 ··· 4021.png

»www.pingtest.net/result/39904052 ··· 4052.png

As a result I have to continue to downgrade my review grades.... not much of a choice, I can barely visit this website...

*Update May 01, 2011*

For past 2 weeks I been having packet loss and upstream issues, its got so bad I totally lose internet at evening... I have spoke with level 3 support but I have to wait week and half for a tech to come and fix this. Level 3 confirmed that this is issue at the pole or in my local area but they are forcing me to wait over a week to fix it.... Plus with wideband in nyc I have no option to go to tw center and replace modem just to ensure its not my mode thats messed up, for wideband they have stupid policy that a tech has to replace a modem.... I have had terrible problems now for 2 weeks, paying $100 for this package.... I have to lower my scores for connection reliability at the moment as this is just terrible.

*Update Jan 31, 2011*

I have upgraded to Wideband service 50/5 and few days later TW fixed an issue described in older review listed below. At this moment the speeds reach 50Mbps even during peak times, and latencies are great. The modem TW provides with wideband, they block out access to it which is a big minus. Otherwise, the service is great at the moment. Installation of wideband required a technician to run a dedicated line without splitters to my modem. This package is expensive as its $100 a month, so I expect my service to remain in top notch form for that kind of price, and at this moment it is as good as advertised. Will update this review if anything changes.

*Original Review from January 20, 2011*

I have been customer since 2003. I bought the RR Turbo Package with 20/1 package. Until december 2010 service been great, and I use internet a lot, mainly to download games(steam) and privately as I beta test. I also play games a lot. There were few problems during the years but they were resolved in a day or less. However, since mid december 2010 RoadRunner in nyc/queens started displaying terrible latency and slow speeds at peak usage times, between 8pm and 12pm in the evenings. Things got bad to the point where using internet between those hours on weekends is not an option. Especially if you try to play a game. Signal levels are great on the modem, the problem appears to be Road Runners NYC infrastructure, maybe its not catching up with demands and its overloaded. If they could resolve this problem then I would grade them as great service, but so far it doesn't look like this will get resolved. If you need internet only for basic things like browsing internet/email and maybe downloading something off peek time then I recommend Road Runner in NYC, but for serious gaming I do not recommend it.

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Brooklyn, NY

TWC sucks now in my area too.

I agree that they have a monopoly in my area too. In January I had intermittent connection problems where the modem would show a connection but I could not ping anything. I then had a tech swap out the DCM425 modem for a Ubee modem. Service was great till last August when I doubled my speeds from 10/1 to 20/1 I started to have intermittent connection problems again so I swapped the modem and I got another DCM425. I then had a tech guy come out and he replaced my very old cable line. Ran a new line to the backyard. My connection was good for two weeks until my internet went out on Friday for a few hours. Since then during peak hours Sunday around 7:30 PM it slowed down with packet loss. Monday it was fine until exactly 8 PM and then my upload slowed down to a crawl first then the download slowed down then around 10 PM it was back to normal. I even downgraded my speeds back to 10/1 but it was still slow. These losers even had the nerve to push back my September 18th appointment to October 8th. Three weeks away.

I went back to the TWC center and I swapped my modem again and asked for a new up to date modem. I got a SBG6580. I used it earlier and the speeds were great. Pingtest was a A and I even got 9.96 up and 0.98 down. Then I cooked my supper and ate around 5 PM. I went online at 6 PM to check my email and right away I noticed to took longer then normal. I then ran a speedtest my download was still 9 but my upload was 0.02. I called them up and they said I was getting 96% packet loss. I said the connection was fine until the evening and this all started since the Friday internet outage. Then at exactally 9:48 PM according to my modem logs my speeds were great again. Ping was low around 11 ms and the Speedtest was 10.02 down and 0.98 up. I am getting fed up with them me and my mother reliy on a stable internet connection. I can no longer watch Netflix worrying if it would slow down and drop out.

The thing that really ticks me off is that they do have a monopoly in my area. It is eiter these losers or VDSL. Verizon only offers there crappy DSL in my area with DirecTV. No thanks. So I have to stick with crappy TWC or be without the internet which is not a option.





time to move

its either time to move or at some point they are going to say enough is enough and terminate your service.



TIME Warner Cable is absolutley the Worst EVER

TIME WARNER CABLE IS THE WORST EVER!!! i set up services and then waited for over a month while they tried installing my cable on 3 different occasions. FINALLY they were able to get it up and running but they failed to provide a second cable for the back bedroom box they said i had to purchase my own. i bought a cable about a month later the service in the back bedroom kept going in and out flickering non stop i called they said it was the cable i needed a better one i purchased a new cable ... same thing.. i called.. same thing.. after 6 mos. and almost 200.00 in cables they finally came out and changed the box out.. and oh my it worked normally again. then i was moving i set up transfer date they disconnected my services 2 weeks early (and charged me for reconnection) i had to have them hook it back up upon doing so i find out that THEY added a bundle package to include cable and internet as well which doubled my bill...FURIOUS i call spend 3 days having all of that removed then they decided a week before the move they wanted to change my transfer date 4 TIMES WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE.. i spent hours getting it fixed each time THEY DECIDED to change it.. then move date came .. guess what NO SERVICE AT NEW PLACE but i was charged for the installation fee... i call they come a week later finally hook it up and low an behold there is an outage.. still no service.. and i get charged a second fee.. then i get my bill.. they also charged me a one time transfer fee of 118.00 YES I SAID IT 118.00 i call them .. im beyond fed up at this point explain all of the unnecessary drama from them and the rep tells me im unintelligent ..REALLY!!! well lady your right im unintelligent for continuing to invest money into a company such as this one .... so I CANCELED MY SERVICES... BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE!!!!

Ridgewood, NJ

Time Warner Cable BusinessClass Internet - recently AWFUL

Since before Sandy, the service has been quite spotty. This is in the Flatiron district of Manhattan. Goes from working OK, to dropped packets, to not working at all. I call in to report service problems and get everything from "yes we see dropped packets", or - "there's an outage in the area", to "no trouble found".

I get robo-calls telling me the service has been restored, when it's still lousy.

I then get "how are we doing" surveys, which add insult to injury.

This worked very well for quite awhile, but it's just been miserable recently.

If I connect a different Internet provider to the VERY SAME ETHERNET PORT on my router, I have NONE of these problems.

And Oh, yes... when I call in for a service call, they schedule it for 2-5 days in the future. This is supposed to be "Business Class" service.

And their usual response is "we'll change the modem". Been there. done that AT LEAST 3 TIMES. No change.


What a shame.

·Verizon FiOS


Why would you want to stay with Time Warner when you have FIOS? I see you are paying 100$ with fios you would pay about the same or less by few bucks with 50/25 or 75/35

if you want I can invite you to FIOS and we both get 50$ gift cards after 2 months,yes it works I invited 1 of my friends already.

I pay 84.99 for 75/35 + Prime HD + then you add cablecard rental 3.99$ with taxes and fees comes to 93 or 95$ something in that range.

Rockaway Park, NY


Problem is that in this area verizon is still fixing their infastructure after sandy and I heard some horror stories from the neighbors who had fios for while and the state of service around here after sandy. Its getting better and all fixed up but I dont wanna end up switching to something thats still being fixed up around here. I have made an order to FIOS and only pushed back date for now.