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  • Location: Cleveland,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $180 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Freakin' fast Internet speeds! No caps! HD picture quality beats the snot out of uVerse."
Overall "What can I say, this service is great!"
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Install Co-ordination:
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Value for money:

Just hopped over to Time Warner Cable for my home phone, Internet, and TV. I signed up for the Signature Home service and I have to say the experience is great. I left AT&T because of the impending Internet usage caps.

The install took a bit longer than I expected. There were some issues with the phone box (it was dead). The installer had to call another tech to get him a new box but that only took about fifteen minutes. I guess that another installer was in the area.

The cable modem took some time to get setup as well. The installer said that there were some issues with my account and that it was setup incorrectly. Once that was solved I was flying high at some amazingly fast speeds, way higher than my rated speed. Speed tests show nearly 40 Mbps!

There were some issues with the cable in my area so they had to send a maintenance crew out to fix things on the polls. The signals were weak which was causing the modem to lose connection.

--== Update April 13th, 2011 ==--
Just got Wideband today. I have to say that it's sure nice to see a 270 MB file downloaded in less than 30 seconds.

I was told by the Signature Home phone technician that there are only 148 people on my cable node. He told me that it's the smallest amount of people he's ever seen on a cable node and that utilization should be very low and that I should be able to enjoy the fastest speeds even during peak time.

--== Update May 3rd, 2011 ==-
Thought I'd add an update to this.

I do have the whole triple-play bundle so this includes TV service. Let me tell you, the HD picture quality is far better than uVerse.

--== Update May 13th, 2011 ==--
Still going good. Upgraded my Technical Support rating from 4 out of 5 to 5 out of 5 stars.

--== Update February 13th, 2012 ==--
Had to have a technician come out since my cable modem getting a lot of Uncorrectables. Turns out that the splitter right in front of my cable modem went bad. The technician replaced that and now I have no Uncorrectables.

The technician was knowledgeable and diagnosed the issue quickly. He determined that the line coming in from the poll was getting no errors, he tested that by disconnecting the splitter and testing it with his equipment and it was not generating errors. Connected the splitter back up and tested it with the splitter, yep... errors. Replaced that and his equipment showed no errors.

--== Update March 10th, 2013 ==--

Still with this service provider nearly two years later. Am I still satisfied? Yes sir, I am! Time Warner Cable has been one of the best companies that I've ever dealt with. They have consistently provided top notch service in my area. They are one of the best ISPs in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

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