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  • Location: San Antonio,Bexar,TX
  • Cost: $180 per month
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I have the package that includes internet, phone and cable tv. We live on a military base and the housing is considered historic so additional tv jacks require special authorization. Overall the company had arrived and set us up fairly quickly. In the begining there were a few issues with billing as we set up auto pay (charged us twice once and we had to reset up the auto pay due to a TWC error). Phone service has unlimited long distance. Plus the caller ID that shows up on the TV which is nice if the phone is in the other room.

Cable is good. we pretty much have a basic package. Rarely has it ever gone out. TWC offers just about every channel but wish it had some sort of pay per view NFL package. Movies on demand is nice and the price of a movie, $5.00 on average is decent. I would be nice if it had a digital movie library as big as netflix. It also has a start over button if you missed the begining of the show which can be handy. I believe you can also see shows later in the week that you missed by going to a video on demand (I think it is free but have never used it.) My biggest issue lately has been how the HD channels are grouped. There are several channels in the HD area that you can only view by paying extra. I believe they should group all the 'free' HD channels together and then have all the other channels that you have to pay extra for grouped together.

Finally the internet. Works great. again only a few outages over the past few years. It is fast and I have no issues with it.

TWC is getting expensive in my opinion but I am not sure I can get all the services at a lower price if I got them separately.

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