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Review by Nick21 See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $99 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Great speeds for gaming"
Bad "Poor upload performance, high ping, high packet loss"
Overall "Lackluster customer service experience"
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I've had wideband since January 2010 and everything was working fine minus a few times where my signal levels would fall out of range and thus so would my speed levels. TWC issued a goodwill adjustment to remedy the issue. However in October 2010, my download speeds dipped from 50Mbps to an average of 25Mbps. My upload went down to 1-2Mbps from the advertised 5Mbps, ping as high as 10,000ms and up to 40% packet loss. TWC sent mutliple techs out to no avail and none could find the problem, citing "perfect" signal levels. After I called several times, they decided to rule everything out and rewired my home. No results, so they created a brand new point of entry from the TAP. Also no results, so they replaced the tap in Feb 2011. That improved signal levels but nothing really changed. Then level 3 discovered a node issue in my area and added me to the existing service ticket. That ticket was resolved in April and I did notice my download speeds improved, however upload, packet loss and ping did not. So after further investigating with the advanced team, they discovered high upload utilitization on my node and created a new trouble ticket and told me it could take months to resolve. Seven months and the issue remains unresolved.

I'm happy to say that as of November 2011, the issue has finally been resolved. I consistently get 51 down / 4.80 up / 12 ms ping. My SNR went from 34 to 40. Everything works very good now.

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