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  • Location: Waco,Mclennan,TX
  • Cost: $63 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Great speeds, amazing connection reliability, DOCSIS 3.0, price i guess.."
Bad "Price for just internet is a bit steep, and local office needs a bit of employment work.."
Overall "Great service overall... Calls go to an American rep, so I'm happy =)"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Been a customer for about a year now -- With little to no problems..

Ordered last June, on the day I moved (I had forgotten to schedule an installation) I gave them a call, and they met me at my apartment two hours later to get everything running. I had RoadRunner Standard at the time (7mbps/512kbps) and I was satisfied. I was given a Motorola SB5101. About a month later, I was given a deal for $80/mo to get Turbo (15/2 + PowerBoost), Digital Cable with a DVR (with no HD/DVR fees) and free showtime for $80 ish a month. I took it..

Not long after, I cancelled it, as simply put, I don't watch TV. In my cancellation process, they informed me that my internet pricing would be roughly $48/mo.. and that I could add basic cable for $1. Well, of course I took it. I don't watch TV (ever) but my guests will be able to if they want! So my bill, after taxes etc, was $53.16.

In February 2011, they announced a new RoadRunner Extreme (20/2) which was supposed to be running off of DOCSIS 3.0 but worked on the older DOCSIS implementation that was already here. I ordered it, huge hassle, ended up sticking with Turbo.

April 2011 rolled around, and when I received my statement in the mail it also had a letter stating that DOCSIS 3.0 would begin going live in the Central TX region. Awesome! My frequent checks to » had begun.

Not long afterwards.. a news post had appeared, stating new services were available in San Antonio and surrounding areas. I contacted TWCdude who confirmed, so I made a phone call to TW, got a Self-Install kit ready for me, and headed down to the local office. This is where hell begins. First trip there, a lady was horribly rude, and saying that "DOCSIS 3.0 is a manufacturer that rarely sends out equipment." ...what? I leave, thoroughly enraged.
Not long after (5 or so days) I call back, have the self-install kit applied, and I head down again, ready for battle.
I get there, tell them, and get lucky -- I recognize A lady returning her SBG6850 and say "Hey, that's all I need.."
The lady helping her says, "Oh! Well, we don't have the motorola's here, but we do have the UBEE modems." So I get lucky, get one, and leave.. come home, and my service is working.

Old speeds with TWC Turbo: » ··· 9250.png

New speeds: » ··· 6696.png

Overall, I'm satisfied.. Ecstatically satisfied.

UPDATE 7/18/2012

Still smooth sailing. Running at 30/5 now. Price is around $60/mo. Internet only.
Very few outages; I had the first one in months about two hours ago, actually:: for a grand total of three minutes..

Anyways.. speeds are good. Steady download speeds upwards of 3MB/s, upload speeds upwards of 700kb/s easily.

» ··· 5328.png

UPDATE 8-22-12

Well, my service with TWC was cancelled. Easy and seamless process - dropped my modem off at the office nearby and got my refund check in the mail to me.

It's been good - but I'm moving and the new area isn't serviceable by Time Warner, and they will be missed. That being said, I'm getting 30/2 (less upload) for $54/mo, and this isn't a promotion price.

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