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  • Location: Brook Park,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Very reliable, good speeds, no caps (yet)"
Bad "Cost is going WAY up next month!"
Overall "Good choice in suburban Cleveland if you don't have to pay full price"
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Back in March 2009 (or was it February '09?), Time Warner called us up and offered us a great deal after reviewing our account. The deal was ~$83/month for one SD digital box, one HD DVR box with DVR service, a cable modem, Road Runner Standard (7000/512 at the time) and basic digital cable plus Showtime. The price went up $5 last summer to ~$88/month now. (The $20 total monthly cost given above is the item charge listed on our bill for the Road Runner).

I was using AT&T DSL at the time and used both for a few months but eventually dropped the DSL a month or so after I moved back in September 2009.

The Road Runner was upgraded to 10000/1000 a couple months back at no additional charge .

About a year ago or so I was having issues with the cable and Road Runner. One night I discovered that the Road Runner downstream channel had been moved from 111MHz(?) to 117MHz(?) (if I remember right). The Road Runner been problem free ever since.

The video services... that's another story. Been having issues with the HD boxes (I swapped the SD box for an HD box a month or so ago- I got us a second HDTV a couple of months ago). But this is a Road Runner review, so I won't discuss the HD box issues here.

BUT... the promo expires at the end of this month and the best TW can offer us now is $145/month for the same services :-(. We will be switching to WOW Cable/Internet at the end of the month.

TW CSR's, both on the phone and at the local "depot", have been friendly and pleasant to deal with.

UPDATE 9/2/11: We switched to WOW Cable/Internet yesterday. I returned the boxes and cable modem today and paid the $12.change final bill. I miss Road Runner (even though WOW's internet works OK, but much slower), but not that horrendous HD DVR box.

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Time Warner Cable

In a long life of dealing with bad things, Time Warner Cable is undoubtedly the worst thing I have ever dealt with. Their customer service is a Kafkaesque, bureaucratic nightmare. They represent everything my mother warned me about--they lie, they cheat, and they steal. They quote you for a monthly cost, then send you a higher bill, then hide behind some hidden fee or agenda. Don't expect a shred of decency or humanity. Expect machines. Check the footnotes. Run for the hills. Get Dish Network. Stop watching television. Read more poetry. But whatever you do, promise me this, do not order Time Warner Cable.

Brook Park, OH
·WOW Internet and..

Re: Time Warner Cable

I guess the only reason TW has been decent for my household, aside from the issues with the HD DVR box, is that they must face competition here in the Cleveland suburb (Brook Park) where I live- WOW in most neighborhoods (except for maybe a couple apartment, condo and townhouse complexes) and UVerse on a few streets (including the one I moved away from where UVerse was rolled out just a couple months or so after I left).

Don't even get me started on what my niece, who lives in the city of Cleveland proper, went through when she upgraded her DSL speed tier (forced switchover from ADSL -> UVerse IP-DSLAM... AT&T missed the Order Date by a weeks, my niece had to deal with AT&T's horrendous phone support, but it's OK now).