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Review by djdanska See Profile

  • Location: Wilmington,New Hanover,NC
  • Cost: $122 per month
Good "Quick installation, Fast speeds"
Bad "Tech had no clue about tivo installation,"
Overall "Good for internet, if you have a tivo, good luck."
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·Cox HSI
Ordered 30/5 wideband internet. They gave me a ubee modem/router combo. Constantly resets, horrible compared to my motorola. I will get rid of this thing once i buy a router.

The cable box they gave me (They had to, i was forced to by the sales guy in order to get the promo. grrrr) ultra crappy compared to my tivo. Stuck with this thing until they come back next week for the tivo install. (I have 2 tivo's and they "forgot" the tuning adapter for one of them.)

Cheaper than my previous comcast service, good speeds, HORRIBLE POS cisco box, but its better than at&t's capped internet.

**Update 2/13/12**

Got rid of the ubee modem/wifi combo unit. Kept resetting, dropping out, freezing, and randomly blocking ports. Hooked up my Motorola 6120 instead with my own router and i can make wifi calls from my t-mobile phone again!! Nice!! I put the ubee in bridge mode and hooked up my router directly to that but when i downloaded tivo updates or streamed hulu or netflix on the tivo, it would reboot..

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Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Ultra crappy ubee ...

The Motorola SBG6580 TWC provided me is no better. I'm shocked at how bad this thing is, especially given the amount of time it's been out on the market. There's been plenty of time for firmware refinement, yet it's still junk.

Trying to use its routing features, it progressively gets slower, to the point where you can't pull more than 30mbps after just two days (I have 50mbps service). I had to bridge it to stop that nonsense. Some people have to run QoS in their personal routers just to keep it from freezing while uploading files (even bridged). I haven't run into that, but I haven't stressed the upstream yet.

Do modem manufacturers just not care about quality anymore?
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Rethink Billable.


Orlando, FL
·AT&T U-Verse

Tivo on cable

Hi...let me know how the Tivo setup works for you with the cable cards. I have thought about doing that also with my Mediacom cable. I am not surprised they "forgot" the bring them, they really don't like doing it for people, they want you to rent their DVR. I have a cousin in Wilmington, and she and her husband have referred to the DVR that Time Warner rents as being a POS as well. The Motorola one that I have now isn't so bad, just not nearly as functional as the AT&T Uverse one I had.

Good luck!

San Diego, CA
·Cox HSI

Re: Tivo on cable

The box mediacom usually uses (The iguide, motorola/pace usually) is a LOT better. Only good use of the TW box is the on demand, and even that just makes my blood boil.. It isn't like you can hit On Demand on the remote and check things out. You must go to the HBO On demand channel, then the Max on demand, then primetime on demand channel #, Ugh..

I have 2 tivo's and one is already running and its smooth, and the guide is lightyears better than both mediacom and tw. Multiroom viewing works great. They need a tuning adapter here, i didn't need one back in IL w/Mediacom.

I love my tivo. You just dont get on demand but most cable companies give you a free box anyway. Otherwise it has netflix, hulu and amazon built in. one has something..
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