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Review by milkman82 See Profile

  • Location: Lakewood,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "The Download speed is solid and fast!"
Bad "The upload speed is slower than advertised and support is horrible!"
Overall "I like the fact I am not capped or port blocked!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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·T-Mobile US
The service was setup on the time frame and trouble free. I was happy when I noticed the download speed was as advertised.

However, I am disappointed to see the upload speed is subpar as running only at half the speed as advertised and sometimes less.

Tech support has admitted to the issue. However, resolving the issue is another story.

I am very happy Time Warner has no caps, also no port blocking. Just hope they get the issue resolved soon.

Update 6/6/2012

THey still have not resolved the upload speed! Have ran 5 truck rolls wasted my time repeatedly on the phone and them coming on site. When on the phone, I just run speed tests. When they come out, they just check signal levels at the house. With the same repetitive ending "we will get this resolved" They have never once actually taken the matter serious from what I can see. After the very first tech came out and did all the correct testing with a test modem and running up and down the street testing the nodes. He had confirmed I had a street wide issue. However, shortly after that he got promoted to maintenance. Since then, I just get this sorry techs who hardly understand how computers work.... Sad really...

However, I still have the no port blocking and zero cap to look forward too.

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Laredo, TX

which tier?

is it the wideband 30Mbps or 50Mbps download tier where the slower than advertised uploads are experienced.

This concerns me because TWC is the only provider which can provide me the fastest upload speed with those tiers and I don't want to be disappointing after ordering.

Lakewood, OH
·T-Mobile US

Re: which tier?

This is the 30Mbps wideband service. You may not experience the issue. It seems to be territory related. I really think mine is a result of just being on the TDMA upload channel vs. ATDMA - TDMA.
I had put in ticket at the direct forms back on the 8th. I had a tech out by the 9th and they replaced the line drop and still an issue (no surprise). They then used a test modem in another Time Warner Truck about a week later and noticed the upstream channel was congested on my street, yet fine from the main street. Then the tech called me a few days later and let me know their maintenance department said the same thing. So now I have been waiting for over a week for the next step which is opening another upstream channel. The tech said this should fix the issue. The problem with this being a waiting game. Since the tech blocks his cell number each time he calls. I am pretty much at the mercy of waiting to hear back from him on what the status is. I am going to wait until Tuesday next week and see if the direct forums can tell me what the status is..

Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable

you are being watched

milk - while you may not be capped or blocked now,
TWCable is very curious about torrent activity, and
will throttle you down the road or RIIA notify you.
I would strongly advise getting any anonymizer if
you plan on doing much torrenting or file hosting.

Lakewood, OH
·T-Mobile US

Re: you are being watched

I appreciate your advice! I noticed when I called Time Warner over an issue. The guy asked me right away if there was any torrenting.

I do not host files or torrent very seldom. The only reason I like the no port blocking is because I do have a server with SBS 2003 and actually still use port 25 with my web host domain service (Certified Hosting). The reason I love the no caps is because I own a Sony Internet Streaming box for my TV as I don't watch cable TV. I find everything I need on Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu.

With Netflix alone, I think it adds adds at least 150GB a month of usage.

Thanks again!