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  • Location: Austin,Travis,TX
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 20 days
Good "Lightning-Fast Internet! Great call center support and friendly field technicians (="
Bad "...none?"
Overall "40 dollla make you holla"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I get 35mbps download / 5 mbps upload. ba- BAAAM! I live in a home with myself a power user of the internet. I have 3 other roommates that are also always pushing the internet to the limits. No lag in online games. Streaming Pandora, Netflix, etc. at the same time on multiple devices. I should not forget to mention that I got a free install, no modem rental fee, no contract, no deposit, month-to-month utility. I should also state I used Earthlink to sign up for services initially. They gave me 10/1 with all those perks. When I talked to TWC they auto'd me to 20/2 then I made the final upgrade. Internet Service Providers have crazy marketing strategies. Somehow I went through a middleman(Earthlink) and got a better deal had I called TWC directly.

Most friends I know get charged more for less services, because they did not go through Earthlink first.

Ok, so here is the Bad: My internet stopped working for a few hours one day. A few weeks later I lost internet for a few more hours. Horrible fate! Oh wait, I work from home but my employer's office is a few miles away. Oh woe is me I had to work in the office instead of at home. Minor inconvenience, but the next day my internet was lightning as usual. Imagine living on a DSL connection with 1mbps. My house lives like royalty on the internet. I feel for the people where it costs too much for utilities to provide fast internet. I live in a high-density lower socio-nomic area. So many subscribers confined within a square mile. This means its relatively cheap to provide quality service. My house borders two apartment complexes, so their connection may be shitty but I am hooked to the same local equipment providing me lightning.

Two technicians have come out. FIrst, for my internet issue. Second, when I upgraded from 20/2 to 35/5. I got a new Motorola Surfboard modem / router wireless-N. Shiii, apparently I had free basic cable the whole time but I never tried hooking up the coax to the tv. The upgrade technician put a filter on that. So if you get internet-only installed there may very well be free basic cable. I hate commercials so I never use a real tv anymore but maybe some people might take advantage of this pro-tip.

As a subscriber to internet, I must say I have had all types. I was living in the Great Plains of Colorado with a Verizon data USB. I have lived in Denver with Comcast (scumbags) and now in Austin, TX with TWC. This company is amazing if you live in a newer area in terms of network development.

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Bedford, OH

New Customer eh?

You must be a new customer, currently in Ohio, paying 70 bucks for 30/5 only recieving maybe 20/5? new customers got that huge discount off the extreme


Liberty Hill, TX

Re: New Customer eh?

I've been with them almost a year now in Liberty Hill, TX (30 miles from Austin). I agree the people with TWC are great and my service has never faltered. Speeds are constant, VOIP has never failed, TV is perfect. Zero outages since I've lived here.
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Bedford, OH

Re: New Customer eh?

different regions have different experiences it seems, I just now got a deal to bundle up to ultimate, and get free cable to go with it!